Returning, but should I start from scratch or continue waiting for support?

Small background, I quit in BFA and am interested in returning for DF. However, due to being foolish then and now, I had given my wow account to a friend, who now I don’t talk to anymore. I’m foolish now because I can’t even remember the email address used for the account, nor do I recall many of the characters I had on there, except a few.

Normally I wouldn’t care all that much about starting over, however my Death knight had several WoW tokens. I put in a ticket with support, (I even leveled this character to 10 to ask for people’s opinions) however they are fairly busy with the new expansion and it could be a week or so before the process can even begin.

So as the title asks, do you guys think it’s better to just wait it out and see what blizz says, or just be like, “I shouldn’t be wasting their time with this ridiculous request and just start over”?

Edit your ticket and attach a picture of your I’d which may help prove you were the original owner of the account.

The account should be in your name, you should be able to open a ticket, provide a copy of your id, and reclaim the account. You might have to go through a system where you can’t log in.

If the account is not in your name, they probably can’t help.

Do put in a ticket.

Well we aren’t allowed to give away our accounts so more than likely Blizzard will simply close it. You can try and wait to see what Blizzard says, they may in fact give it back to you. However if the person you gave the account to also disputes it, Blizzard will more than likely just close the account out for account sharing.


Well, to put it bluntly - Blizzard could just close the account outright for this as it’s a major breach of rules (we can not give accounts away), and would also be considered account sharing (your friend might have been progressing the characters during your ‘break’).


I would also include the original email I used on the account in the ticket and any new email address to use if you don’t have access to or remember the original one.

Might save some back-and-forth between you and the GM.

Edited because I just discovered I can’t reply to everyone’s messages one after another.

@Nok: I actually added my ID to the ticket today, so at least that process is finished!

@Nephe & Mourningg: I thought that might happen as well, and if so, well that’s on me then for breaking terms of service.

@Kozzae: Sadly, I don’t think the account is in my name anymore, which is one of the biggest reasons why I’m expecting blizz to not have the ability to assist me.


The account “gifting” has already been addressed by others, but while general game issues are taking about a week-ish, billing and account issues that are submitted through the proper categories are more like a day or two. It may take longer than that to untangle this particular mess, but you should at least be receiving a response within the first few days after submitting.

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If it was in your legal name from the beginning, then it stays in that name as even a ticket cannot get the account name changed with very few exceptions. The main exception is an adult having the name changed for a minor they are parent or legal guardian of, with proper documentation.

@Leilleath & Jetsum: Thank you both for the information you provided me, as well as everyone here that took the time to share their opinions and advice. Though the possibility of having the account just outright removed is there, I think I’ll try waiting to see the results of the inquiry.


If Blizzard were willing to overlook the account sharing and recover your account for you, do you really think your friend didn’t use those tokens?


Well, they tried the game, but found it wasn’t to their liking. But that was years ago, and they might of decided to try it again, so for all I know you could be right.