Returning after years. All Characters missing

I have returned after years of not playing, but when I logged in all my characters are gone. I did a realm transfer awhile back of LAHFAR or Purpleheart (or Purpleheartt) from either Steamwheedle Cartel or MalGanis. I had a Warrior and a Paladin. I also had a couple others like a banker. I created a character and played to level 10 tried to refresh and nothing. I need help to track down my lost characters please. I had a physical authenticator on my account, however I used the new app for phones and now got a new SN. I hope the authenticator did not mess up somehow. Thank you all ahead of time for any help to resolve this issue.

sounds like you made a new account. If you tried to log into the old account it would want that authenticator code, and you could not swap it to the app authenticator without a ticket.


The character count list expires off after some time.

You need to log in to the realms involved to refresh the list.

If you log in and the characters are not there, you probably had them on a different WoW account.

After the support forum agents come in tomorrow, they may be able to help locate missing characters.

If you can remember realms and character names, post them here to assist the forum agents.


“I had a physical authenticator on my account, however I used the new app for phones and now got a new SN.”

The first quote is what makes me think not the right account


Looks like you actually have two other Battlenets under two other addresses - with older licenses on both, Lahvenah. One is your name @live and the other is very similar to the one you are posting under - but @outlook.

Does that help?


Yes that helps thank you. I no longer have access to either of those emails. I submitted all kinds of info like 9 hours ago. I just want to find out what to do to fix my mess up on emails. Can I like consolidate on my current email? Thank you very much for your help.

You could - but there are things you need to know about moving licenses.

Anything shared at a Battlenet level stays with the original Battlenet account.

So shared achievements, pets, heirlooms - etc., don’t come with.

What I’d suggest is setting up a couple brand new emails - then contacting us to get them swapped over. That can also be done through a ticket. That should give you access - and nothing should be lost in translation.


Yes I actually just got lucky and accessed my outlook email. I now got my account back. Ty for all your hard work. Big :heart_eyes:


How do you know by the quote?

Just curious because I had a physical authenticator at one time also.

you have to use the authenticator to remove it (or removal via ticket) before you can use a new one or the app. Op stated they downloaded and got a new serial, so without removing the physical authenticator, they could not be possibly logging into the correct account :slight_smile:

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