Retribution spec bonuses

Guess you missed the sarcasm there bud lmao liar and blind. Soloshuffle brain is real I guess

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i said what i said

Vote S2

If you are this ready to jump ship then why are you here? I can see you PVP on plenty of alts, and all those other specs you don’t like playing against, they are all choosing their best tier, and not just for PVP. It’s just delusional thinking to believe your Ret season is going to be saved because of a tier set. Mathematically S3 does more damage, in any window. Ret has fundamental problems in PVE and PVP and tier won’t change any of that. You are in this post arguing with everyone but as far as I can see these are your only posts about the spec, you care nothing for it overall and just have a selfish attitude where only you, or PVP, matter. Who cares if Ret sucks at the rest of the game right, it will get buffed, right, like they have buffed us in S2 or S3, we are in almost last place in raid and M+ was significantly worse for Ret in S2, we needed buffs then and now and we never get them. If you cared about this class at all, you wouldn’t be in here spamming like a fool for S2,

S2 is the least likely to be any good for Ret even in PVP, S1 is better, it doesn’t make you rely on a Judgment debuff and buffs 3 abilities instead of 2, 1 of which is Wake of Ashes, which does more damage than HoW, BoJ, or Judgment. S3 also just does more damage in PVP, and while it doesn’t play as smoothly it is MORE DAMAGE. In PVE its just no contest, S3 > S1 > S2, S2 is by far the worst choice, it has hard limits on the amount of target sit can hit and requires massive buffs in AOE, 100-300%, it’s insane to think that would happen.

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You guys are both gonna end up getting a forum vacation. Who cares if someone on the internet is lying or not? Is it really worth pressing this hard over?

Spoilers: It’s not.

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i have nothing to talk to you about, you have no idea what your talking about for pvp, and im not the only person who has tried to explain what S2 does for Ret in pvp to you.

your right absolutely, he is just trying to troll and i was playing along, but once its at a point where ive demolished the troll enough i have enough content to just quote say “i said what i said” and move on, im not pressed.

im not ready to jump ship, thats why im here typing about this, and trying to get a better version of ret out of it. S3 sucks in pvp, if it makes it as the only tier set for S4, ret stays in its same position, which is bad. its also insane how the pve arguments dont even have a leg to stand on because Rets in last place in pve, so there is no “See we were down here now were up here!” no your in the same place…the bottom…

It kinda is when it’s spread misinfo during “voting” this the same thing that happened with grimrail and irondocks. If the liar gets offended for someone calling out his lies then it’s whatever

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as you can see, he will continue to use the word liar, and edit new sentences into his posts over and over, without ever actually quoting a lie. just a troll as i told you.

This is going to happen anyway, I guarantee it, especially in PVP. Ret has FUNDAMENTAL scaling problems, and they are being increased significantly when you stack 2 of the worst scaling stats available, vers and mastery. Once again S2 set won’t change these facts. Now what happens if all this comes true, you simply change to an alt while every other Ret is screwed over in PVP and PVE.

I give up I guess lol, logic and reasoning won’t work, you just seem like you’re here to troll, if you actually cared about PVP you’d want S1 and if you cared about Ret you would want S3.


im quoted saying this on other ret forum posts, i agree

this is false and has been explained to you by atleast 10 different people throughout this post now…

this just shows you dont know anything about ret pvp…

fixed that for you.

I didn’t believe in the “the community hates ret” conspiracy but this guy clearly proves it. Troll voting and such


i said what i said

They can explain anything they want, lol they are just wrong, sorry? I mean I don’t see any of them still talking, because they were wrong lol.

This is all you can resort to lol, it’s a joke. You have Gladiator on me and that’s all, you aren’t Vanguards, you have no R1 and never will. You also have no Glad titles this expansion, so whenever you got Gladiator, it was an entirely different Ret Paladin, I hit Elite this expansion just like you.

Guess I’ll just have to add this alt to ignore too.

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you already called vanguards delusional for having the same opinion as me and many others who’ve spoken to you about this. lets not act like you care whose talking to you, you were never gonna see reason lol. the rest just gave up talking to the brick wall.

also i checked your arena achievements…elite in solo Q…probably season 1? yep, during inflation…i was 2760ish on my war season 1 in solo Q, have elite from 3s this expac, not just solo Q and have 2700…no “elite” isnt all i have over you, but thats not even the point.

Lol Vanguards is delusional and you probably got your opinion from him, he doesn’t share yours lol.

Reason? You have no reason, when presented with anything that negates your argument you simply change your argument or resort to insults.

War != Ret Paladin.

Goodbye little troll, enjoy your reroll.

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the S1 as war was an example of the solo Q inflation in S1…got 2400 in solo Q and 3s as Ret After S2 nerfs…your not making the point you think you are.

than why mention him like if he was talking you would care? hence


renae dont become that troll.

i have actually never changed my argument, and you have presented nothing that negates my argument, multiple people have tried to explain to you what my argument is and it continues to go over your head.

Vote S2 people.

S2: Wings>ES>divine toll>hammer>FV>wake>FV>hammer>hammer>FV
S3: Wings>ES>blade>divine toll>FV>wake>FV>hammer>blade>judgement>FV

i added a global pressed the same amount of FV’s, but was forced to press 3 weaker buttons than hammer so less total dmg for the same outcome in this window. base hammer auto crits hits 100k, that blade i have to replace that global with for expurg hit 35-40k and that happened twice…and im even being generous with the S3 rotation cause the distance between when u divine toll is shorter so in theory you would need to judge after wake of ashes for the debuff if u wanted to FV right after wake.

S3=longer kill time, even with the 4set unnerfed, has you pressing LESS DMG on ur go.
No they cant tune out that difference.

edit: i also ignored that at ANY POINT, expurg could have just been cleansed.

Sims are not accurate, because blizzard has said they will tune the sets to all be equal tuning wise. Sims are based on old values, we do not have the real numbers. “i dont trust blizzard” is not a legitimate argument. Ret is also bottom of the meter already with S3 so saying the current numbers make S3>S2 mean nothing, they need to significantly buff ret for pve content regardless of what wins.

Please Vote S2 Tier set for a better Ret.

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I can’t speak for pvp, said this before, but season 1 and season 3 have slight differences. In season one we had a rotation that included Exorcism. We no long have that now. In season 1 it was your basic build and spin holy power. But that was by design, after all new talent trees.

Season 3 has the same build and spend, but with a caveat. Before you spend you want to use Judgement. To maximize your tier bonuses. Even if say you need to waist an holy power to activate the Wrathful Sanction it is worth the waste to get the extra damage.

Season one there was nothing to waist you build to five spend, and keep at it.

The other thing I like about Wrathful Sanction is it is visible on damage charts. No need to break down and do a ton of math to figure out how much xtra your spends are doing you can see it. I love the leave of it as well, all though the visual of season 2 was nice. Seeing hammer of wrath cleave was fun.

I’m hoping that in season 4 if we get season 3 again it is buffed to is original power level. Expurgation lasting 4 seconds longer, damage increased, and when you use a spender instead of it dealing 25 percent xtra damage as it does now it should be 50 or 75 percent. Because I’m god damn tired of being middle of the pack.


for me it was more frustrating than cool that the hammers cleaved, as it wasnt even used besides last prio in aoe, or slightly higher prio on an execute mob, so it was even worse i cant even cast this ‘cool thing.’ Also S3 looks waaaay cooler, feels more apparent than S2, Wrathful Sanction animation is awesome, and double spenders feel good too instead of just slightly bigger number. Also that feeling that all my generators do something special and has purpose instead of just ‘which of there 3 available abilties net more flat damage?’. Without S3 ret feels more like fury where you have slam, BT, raging blow, Execute and WW and none of these usually do something special, unless in aoe with WW or if some tier set reinforces one, like BT currently and you just go ‘okay which is more damage, and rage for my global’. That is very very boring.

S3 tier playstyle should be baselined in the War Witin, it is a banger, all numbers aside too, tho ofc numbers are on the side of S3 too obviously.

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S3 Set should be winning over here in the US It is the best Tier set bonus they have made in a while for ret paladin Everyone vote season 3 Ret so we can be in a good spot in the next season please do not put ourselves at a disadvantage