Retribution spec bonuses


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exactly, back to your cave troll

Vote S2 for a better Ret.

are you joking? you have to be joking right? im being clear right?

how come yoru warrior alt and paladin alt has no atoc before this season (fyrakk doesnt turn into a feat of strenght until the season ends) while my warrior alt has my feat of strength (sak, raz atoc).

how can you legit say

with a straight face saying “no the website is wrong” when i proven your lie of “feat of strengths arnt account wide” wrong.

stop lying

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imgur com/a/Gbp64Ez ← what?

imgur com/a/Gbp64Ez<–my rets achievements as i look
imgur com/a/RJVd6K<–my warriors that YOU TOOK

stop lying your really making yourself look bad, go back to your cave bud

Edit: imgur com/a/RJVd6K<- nvm looking it up folks, he deleted it from the imgur cause i just embarrased him.

You guys aren’t gonna change each others minds. Just cast your votes and we will see if the tier set stays or goes. Blizzard should allow people to chose. I agree season 2 is way more fun and season three is not something I enjoyed at all so I’m not voting for it. If season 3 wins I’ll probably get the base achievements and portals I might not have and end my sub easy as that.

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ill probably just focus on season of discovery tbh, ret has 1 comp right now on live, If S3 wins and they dnt give S2 as an option, i dont see that changing. id rather not run anymore Cupid cleave to deal with the caster master race cause my burst takes to long to kill. my healer is already telling me to roll ele cause Ret’s meh and he too doesnt like cupid. im trying to stick with Ret, i enjoy it, hope something positive happens.

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allow me to fix this

imgur com/a/MYvyVbU YOUR WARRIOR

imgur com/gallery/8vSJ2DL MY WARRIOR

as i stated before, my achievements are shown on my alt. t he only thing that isnt account wide right now is the fyrakk atoc kill.

you claimed youve played pve in season2 with atoc to prove all season. that was a lie. you claimed that feats of strengths arent account wide, yet my warrior has MY atoc achievements. your doesnt have any season 2 or season 1 pve achievements.

congrats you killed fyrakk. want a medel? the point im highlighting is you saying that s2 is great in pve when everyone here who played that dog season in pve is telling you know. your response was “it is good i know its good cause ive played season 2 pve” and that is where you got caught in your lie. that is the point, you are lying and you got caught and now that these links should work. everyone will see how much of a liar you are

also your logs prove that you have played 0 pve in any season as well. this character is very clearly a season 3 character, thus you have no experience nor weight on saying “season 2 is betetr than season 3 for pve”

do you understand now? i hope these links work idk why the ones i posted didnt. but they should now.

not to mention the bulk of your pvp experience seems to be solololol shuffle as well. which lets be honest here…is the pvp equivalent of normal raid

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Yeah casters are waaaaay to tanky and they scale better. Ret scaling is also an issue imo. They need to undo a lot of the ret nerfs at least to survivability. It’s literally almost always kill ret like it used to be. They said it didn’t make sense for a plate class to die so easily and it’s literally become that. The tier 3 set is awful and we’re more or less dependent on the hunter to connect and do damage. You que into a lock and he can dark pact at full health coil fear fear fear then you’re sheeped or dead. At least with season 2 tier you have the ability to fire off hammers in the small ES kill window and hide again. Season 3 tier does 8% of the value of the tier or something completely useless like that in a PvP scenario.


quote this, you continue to make things up wth?



while my paladin has

are you actually…cant use those words on forums, god you really meet the most special 1 brain cell new borns sometimes

im not bragging about a fyrakk kill you new born, im using it as a comparison to show that at the time of this argument based on YOUR OWN SCREEN SHOT AND THE ONE I PRODUCED OF MY PALADIN,

was true for me. grow a brain, learn to read, stay in school, god…

vote S2

basically this, the amount of hammer kills i still get even now, cause its such an effective press thats just made even better by S2.

stop lying. you were caught in a lie. own up to it. stop trying to act ignorant cause its the only defense you have on a lie.

i proved that feats of strengths are account wide and theres nothing else to it. you have 0 pve experience beyond season 3 as prove by your logs and your achievements. your pvp experience is just 1950 in arenas in a season where ret dominated. all of your credibility is completely and utterly shot because you didnt stay in your lane.

you have 1 brain cell left and its srsly straining you. i need say nothing about this topic, the warrior screen shot is there and you can put it side by side with the Ret one i gave you, and guess what? they arnt the same, therefore at the time that this started for my account it was not updated, the feats of strength were not showing on the entire account. i dont need to produce more proof that this was true, its right infront of you, you just dont have the brain power to process it.

season 2? i was 2400 in both 3s and solo q… the elite achievement is there, note my achievements dates btw, cause you wont, they are after all the nerfs.

so your defensive is “the website isnt updated” when my alt has all my atoc achievements except fyrakk. which i stated before isnt acount wide until the season is done. sounds legit.

liar says website is broken yall

this is the whole quote right? anything missing? answer.

remember folks, vote the set you like the most

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imgur com/a/Gbp64Ez ← my ret right?

i havent logged into my warrior since the start of the season, so i did it today cause i sent some honor tokens over to another toon.

imgur com/a/qPFsdee <–my warriors feats of strength now.

your a liar, a snake, and have the brain power of a new born baby. not only does this prove it wasnt updated, but it proves you lied about something, cause what you stated is not only false but proved false by your OWN screen shot of my warrior earlier where this was not there.

find a hole, hide in it. troll

Vote S2

Website broken I guess lol /s

I love that you’re so desperate to be “right” that you moved the goal post to Africa to be “right” still doesn’t change the fact you have 0 pve experience beyond season 3. So again you have no grounds or experience to say “s2 is better for pve than s3, according to my experience”

Liar caught in a liar and trying to claw back any shred of trust

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quote where i said this and focus on the according to my experience part

i moved absolutely nothing, you kept moving and i caught you thats what happened here, and now look how fast you pivot to something else when caught in your lies

nice of you to admit it and detail what your doing.

Man huge projection, guess the liar didn’t like that his excuse of “website broken” didn’t work. Don’t worry I’m sure that buffed gigA season 2 tier set is gonna help you and your friend win solololol shuffle lmao

i proved it and called you out for lying about it, best part is you admitted it. your a 1 brain cell new born, and just a troll with no substance at this point. you have nowhere left to go so you go with

stuff like this^, cause yes new born im solo Q’ing with a friend somehow. At this point you’ll just say anything and make no sense cause your just a troll

Vote S2