Retribution spec bonuses

So you JUST said that Raw data is what the tier “as it was”. So ACCORDING TO THE BLUE POST if they TUNE what is already SUPERIOR (Season 3) tuning will just make it even BETTER.

You literally contradicted your own argument and ANYONE who can read can and will see it!

Thank for making the experienced ret players suggestions more valid.

Season 3 for the BEST ret tier.

Definitely, and even in PVP the gap isn’t a mile wide, it’s a lot less than any of these PVPers are making it out to be.

I’m voting S3, my family is voting S3, my dog is voting S3, anyone with more than a single brain cell will vote S3.


Contradiction where sway…its written right there for you in blue, regardless of pick they will be made EQUAL to each other…

Vote S2

The POWER of season 4 is literally meaning the stat increases so that means that the CURRENT SET BONUS will increase in power INCREMENTAL to the INCREASED STAT ALLOTMENTS… Which means WHATS BEST NOW will be BETTER than EVERYTHING ELSE.

Season 3 BY THE NUMBERS will just scale BETTER with the POWER = STAT increase of the tier. THATS IT. POWER = higher ilvl

STOP giving MISINFORMATION. But hey… keep your replies so EVERYONE can see em

I can almost guarantee that ALL the rets calling you out and advising Season 3 (like myself) has better logs overall and better logs at the same ilvl that you are at currently. That means something. People need to show and prove what they are saying is correct WITH the data that shows Season 3 is superior.

STOP LYING to people.

you literally cant read its insane.

here i was thinking you’d atleast reply like the others “i dont trust blizzard to actually keep their word on this” instead you went the complete opposite and just showed you have zero reading comprehension and are running on 1 brain cell and a battery. After that reply you dont even deserve a vote, you clearly cant process anything functionally to make an informed decision.

and just incase you do decide to charge that battery abit. No i dont care about you and other pvers trust issues, just because collectively all your fathers told you their going out to buy milk and never came back, doesnt mean everything thats said to you has to be met with this much skepticism.

not bolas :3c

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Exactly its this Chickpowa troll

so i care nothing for what you think now new born.

Vote S2


People are ripping their hair out about numbers they don’t even have. I just liked season 2 better, felt more enjoyable.

I know right? Playing what you like, and voting for fun instead of what’s min/max meta? Blasphemy.


We need buffs now and can’t get them, you cannot count on balancing, Ret was bottom S2, and continues to be bottom S3 with a LEGENDARY. Buffs miss the mark by a mile and any nerfs we get hit harder than one punch man.


I liked shooting aoe hammer of wrath, that was super fun

Whats got me cracking up laughing is folks looking up each others game achevs to say “well your opinion shouldnt be shared or isnt valid because your toon didnt win a pvp tournament or kill mythic raid bosses”… eveyone gets a vote(somehow even if they dont main Retribution), but folks are acting like they have the ability to Silence or exclude who they choose.
Blizzard put it to a vote, not this particular player or that particular player, so nobody commenting can skip the voting process and make an executive decision on their own.

For the 50th time, pvp players dont want S3 tier set because they only got 8% of tool tip damage from it in season 3 pvp. If it went un-nerfed on live this season they may have felt differently, but it didnt so they cant. No one knows what pvp specific nerfs are planed for season 4 pvp, so kind of hard to vote based on unknown nerfs, but we know what we are experiencing on live now and it is not fun.


idk man you werent gladiator as ret paladin the last 14 seasons, I don’t really think you are qualified to make this assertion.


Exactly right?

That’s perfectly fine, S3 just has the best chance to do well in PVE content, and it only needs minor tweaks to perform well in PVP. S2 unfortunately needs massive AOE buffs in order to compete with S3 or 1 because it simply can’t match the amount of targets hit. It wouldn’t be hard to buff in ST though for any set.

There is a lot of misinformation going around, PVPers crying about how S2 is their only chance when it’s simply not true. People thinking the tier will get meaningful buffs is also scary copium because it hasn’t happened in recent history, maybe all of history.

S3 is the best chance Ret has, it requires the least amount of changes to be good, it can hit just as many or more targets than S1, and 25% echo scales with our strongest abilities.


it’s like pvper’s are talking to a brick wall. no matter how many times or different ways its explained that its not a tuning issue and that its a mechanical difference it just goes right over pve players heads. i even spelled out the entire rotation in another comment between S2 and S3 to show the actual difference it makes without any numbers associated and still these are the kinds of comments pver’s make.

Vote S2, get rid of this garbage S3 do nothing set, They will Tune S2 as they have said in their blue post, cause for PVE thats all it is…tuning…its not a tuning issue for pvp

oh and inb4 “i dont trust blizzard to stick to their word”

if thats what you gotten from the entire conversation that has happen. then theres nothing more to be said or done.

its very issue to not spread misinfo and not lie about tiersets in order to make your subjective fun choice look “better” especially if you get caught in a lie and exposed for sprouting misinfo based on nonexistent experience that was never earned. because someone started saying “x gamemode is harder than y” when we all know that isnt true in the slightest.

if people are going to lie about public accessible things, then prepare for any potential pushback they might recieve when someone takes the 3 seconds to fact check them. this doesnt reflect well on anyone, infact it makes people sceptical of all the “pvpers” here to see if they actually pvp and played pve that season or if their a badactor that troll voting because of some weird ret paladin hate fet**sh

this person has the right idea about everything, this person is based. its okay to say your voting for something because you like it.

that being said. when it comes to pve ino, do not engage the troll above me because hes a liar and never played ret in s2 pve. if you have pvp points then by all means. go ahead

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so what your saying is Vote S2 tier set? thanks, cause i dont see a liar above you, and havent seen you quote any lies, wheres this 3 sec fact check? was it from earlier when you were saying that guy (me) had not even done any M+ this season cause you looked at my warriors acheivements, but than got shown up when he (me), swapped toons and have all the acheivements and better parses than you in your own preferred content that i take part in once an expac if that, only if i even need anything from pve for pvp. is this what ur referring too? i mean i hope not cause that would be pretty Troll.

Vote S2

restarting that convo about how im a liar and your not. when i posted imgurs of your achievements and how my lvl50 warrior alt that has sark atoc after you stated this lie

when feat of strengths are account wide

as prove on my post above. isnt a good look. stop lying and stop trying to make ret worse cause you cant beat ret in pvp or in pve

there is nothing else left to say about this topic. you got caught in a lie and being giga mad cause of it. so your resorting to “im better than you so ha” arguements when theres about 10 other ret paladins here that are betetr than you and me in both gamemodes telling you to stop lying

tell me something did you open this? or just quote it to feel special? him having that while mine werent showing means what to you exactly?

YOUR OWN SCREEN SHOT OF MY WARRIORS ACHIEVEMENTS AT THAT TIME, which i used to say " i guess they arent account wide cause my paladin has them". are you calling yourself a bold face liar here? cause this dont look good for you.