Retribution spec bonuses

was always better in single target if they are equal

dont see a problem there :person_shrugging:

but talking to them is like running circles in oribos; wasted time and pointless
whenever someone points out they are wrong with anything they insult them :person_shrugging:

yep, as the sentence suggests if the 2 tiers are equal than S2 > S3 in single target, dont see a problem there either cause thats always what it was.

i said what i said.

Whatever, I’m done.

Can’t put up a response without insulting someone’s intelligence.
Typical PvP player behavior.

It’s pretty much already been decided by EU votes anyway thankfully.

Have fun playing with S3 set next season.



Pretty sure you are just both wrong, feel free to link a source and your logs. Hammer of Wreath did more damage than BoJ and Judgment, it also provided Judgment debuff, and under 20% it provided 2 HP, so that’s no contest.

Cute considering thats what you were trying to do, but got demolished for poor reading comprehension or just straight making things up to try and troll.

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guess my source would be hammer of wrath discord / wowhead (oh and raidbots) :person_shrugging:

my logs probably suck and wont matter that much because i have problems using my left hand due to nerve damage, but i timed all keys on 25 or 26 in season 2, so should not be that wrong

no your right how had last priority in m+ cause it was capped and s2 had alot of big pulls. the only time how raised in prio is with priority execute targeting for the extra hopo.

If you vote season 2 you are going to put ret paladin in a bad place vote s3

i am voting s3, dont worry :thinking:


Ok fair enough Light Is Money!!

Now blizz developers listen to me make all tier pieces you put in to a catalyst mirror secondary stats of the piece you put in !!! ITS 2024

voting season 2 because its the best for pvp. Everyone vote s2

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s2 was such a good season for ret pally in pvp. sad to see that pve-tailored tier sets win by default simply because there’s a much higher amount of players in m+/raid. rip pvpers

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Stop trolling posting on a low level character S2 sucks

You may be higher level then me but im not out here trying to promote the worst tier of all 3

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None of that stuff can be accessed, so it’s just secondhand, and my personal experience trumps yours in regards to my opinion, I certainly could be wrong, but I’ll stick to my gut until proven otherwise.

The average pull is probably 5 targets, and Judgment is also hardcapped. Saying it’s better on 8 targets, 10 targets, also doesn’t work because I can just say it’s better on 2 targets, 3 targets, etc, that argument doesn’t work very well. Hammer of Wrath was more damage per execute, button press.

Apparently on the EU forums, the S3 bonus is winning by a mile so if it was close here but winning by a mile there, it would end up being s3 bonus anyway.

is there a way to access “old” raidbots data? cause that would show the correct rota (more or less)

other than that theres probably no way now to prove either but it was lowest prio and basically not used in m+, which is why season 2 set was such a non-set for us just like s3 is now for pvp

guess you could ask bolas if he still has data from season 2 if you are in hammer of wrath discord :thinking:

You got ratio’d hard lmfao

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Pretty happy to see that even with NA votes currently being tied, S3 EU is winning by a landslide. PvE wins again, thankfully, and arguing in here is pointless <3


I know it’s tied on na, but eu I seen season 3 wins by a mile. Are na and eu votes going to be combined at the end? I thought separate. Just wondering with some of the comments I been reading.