Retribution DPS Theorycraft Sheets

Is that going to be a thing in classic? Do you know for sure?

it’s 100% blizzlike for Vanilla so yes

Ah, i was thinking of playing something besides paladin this time around but i want to play around with seal stacking…

I did not know seal stacking was a thing back then.

Sorry, new to the forums. I was referring specifically to the Blazefury medallion/Fiery plate gauntlets/fiery retributer/storm gauntlets.

I even went so far as to file GM tickets on but wasn’t able to get an answer:

There’s a video from 2006 showing that Storm Gauntlets rather clearly do not scale with spell damage.

It’s possible things were different in live by 1.12, but the best evidence we have at the moment says “probably not” when it comes to those items scaling from spell damage.

Ah well I appreciate all the effort you’ve put into this, as you’re obviously aware of how good these would be if they did scale. I can 100% confirm at least that Blazefury does not scale on the Nost core, which is something I guess.


Yeah, I have a feeling that it has something to do with the way the text is worded on a given item. If you look at Maelstrom or Corrupted Ashbringer, or any proc item that scales, it’s always "has a chance to deal X to X amount of damage. Where if you look at Blazefury it’s just “adds x damage to each attack.” Not to mention that these items in question add damage to each attack as opposed to a chance to proc. My speculation is that this was their intended design.

the fire proc items did scale with spell damage back on Feenix for about 3 weeks but ended up breaking the server by creating the dreaded Fire Rogues…

TLDR - because Feenix had a cash/vote shop, all the Rogues were able to vote and/or donate cash to get the fire proc items as well as BiS forever cloth spell dmg gear from Naxx which led to things like this…


I suspect it has to do with stuff in their database that we don’t have access to viewing.

Spells and effects, including those from items, likely have a flags about spell damage as well as a few other things.

My guess would be that private servers like Feenix probably treated it as a spell and defaulted to the standard spell damage formula for spells that is well documented from that time.

Though it’s worth noting that it the video is simply just “best evidence” at the moment. It’s a single video from 2006 during patch 1.11. People like to advocate for some private servers being “99% blizzlike”, but in a number of cases they’ve needed to use stuff like this which can’t be verified.

Granted it’s better than just guessing using no information at all, but it does leave a margin for error that isn’t 0%.

I’d love it if we could get more blue posts around here to give us that verification, since they have a legitimate 1.12 client/server running and can actually test these things in an authentic environment.

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here’s the Storm Gauntlets video for reference:

Redneck? Ya i am right here lmao

Also love the theorycrafting discord, rets are capable of doing acceptable DPS. I think in the blizzard version of classic WoW where we can expect coefficients and other talents to be working properly it opens up more discussion on hybrid spec viability and how far they can go.

Theloras is a very knowledgeable guy, has put a lot of hours into it.


Years lol :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh yeah i know, i still remember you on vanilla gaming years ago lol. You know i played prot pally there and ate lots of crap too but i made it work it was fun.

I think we’ll see something similar to what we have on the forums. Some people will say that all hybrids should only ever heal because Rogue/Mage/Warrior do so much more DPS, while others will say that even the worst DPS specs in the game can pull more than enough to pass any DPS check in the game and that a good player is worth more to a raid than an optimal class.

Though I’d love to see how a raid would do that accepted hybrid non-healers as more than just 1 token SPriest for Shadow Weaving and similar stuff for the other classes.

yep I remember - too bad the guild we were in was run by complete imbeciles and the server was run by even more corrupt individuals lol


I think those kinds of attitudes are always going to exist, you see that mindset even after guys have taken (for example) rets into raids and have found ways to do competitive DPS. Theloras has done it, maybe more people would recognize Esfand he has done it as well. People have went as far as breaking it down numerically as to how and why it works but ya know lol.

Agreed on your last point i think the experimentation will be fun, a lot of new things to consider now with 100% authentic scripting for some classes notably paladins who had incorrect coefficients they will actually be able to do better in theory because the talents will be working properly.

Good read. Nice to see you going as per norm Theloras!

Deus Vult!

Not a Paladin guy, but for every supposedly off-kilter spec that wins its way into raids, the better, I say! Hopefully now that we all know a little more about how the game works, people will see that there were more “viable” classes and specs than originally thought.

At least, I truly hope that’s the case! Especially Feral Druids. Forgot the name of the guy doing god’s work for bear tanks.