Retribution DPS Theorycraft Sheets

As promised last night and at long last, here for everyone to check out and experiment with are two Retribution DPS sheet Despotus:

Different gear sets, armour, weapons, enchants, procs can be toggled and adjusted to your playstyle.

If you would like to continue the conversation, then feel free to join “Taladril’s Theorycrafting Discord” where some of the top Vanilla theorycrafters, coders and devs share ideas and test results:


the code is adjustable in the sheets - these provide a solid blueprint for players to gauge how they want to gear/play

PS the warlock theorycrafters in our discord knew demon summoning as per the demo was fine:

ZephanLast Wednesday at 10:09 AM

old news, there is vid proof from a old drakedog vid showing it despawn

ZephanLast Wednesday at 11:30 AM


at 1.11 he sums an infernfo and you can see the succ disapear


I agree, OP. Nerf Pallys.


Tbh you’re just mad that some people like to play at their best and be as prepared as they can be because it ruins your fantasy of exploring a new world.


I’m sorry… Really well done, hope u help more people to roll a paladin!


tbh, you only speak for yourself and shouldn’t go around telling people what they are and aren’t

You’re a night elf


Well, I identify as an orc.


I identify as an Alliance two-spirit non-conforming gnome otherkin.


I’m a Ret/Reck Paladin and have always identified myself as a Ret/Reck Paladin


I read that Redneck…lol, sorry.


who is more stubborn though?

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Then you will be put down like the rest of them.

Your scaling for Consecration appears to be off as it’s supposed to be 100%/3(AoE)/8(duration)= 4.17%

Otherwise, as far as I can tell it’s fantastic.


I’m not the author of either of the sheets actually - but feel free to join the theorycrafting discord if you want to chat with the authors there Teep and Despotus.

The dream is real.

I hope all my fellow Retribution paladins have a great time.

Deus Vult.


If there is some info for us Holy Paladin types. I’ll check it out. Need to figure out how to maximize my farming skills without having to respec constantly.

so you do nearly 700 dps as a retadin in BWL+naxx gear with regular ret paladin gear, with songflower+heart of hakkar buff and rank 6 of judgement of the crusader, and thats assuming that they let you use judgement of the crusader

a fury warrior or rogue would easily pull more in BWL+naxx gear, and both with less threat too; berserker stance comes with an innate -20% threat component and rogues can vanish

meanwhile, with spell damage gear, which is presumably naxx BiS, you pull around 800 dps with 1 JotC, including a manual crowd pummeler

a rogue could pull drastically more dps than that with BiS spell damage gear, and then they could vanish when they’re about to pull aggro, then they could prep and vanish when they’re about to pull aggro again

though both fights exclude exorcism

keep dreaming

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I remember Paladin’s being the most popular class back in Classic, I don’t know where everyone is getting this idea that only Warrior’s and Rogues are viable, maybe only in private servers where half the spells and talents are bugged…


popular doesn’t mean feasible raid dps

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