Retail rogues versus classic

classic is superior in more ways than one. My rogue is only level 20 but i have more abilities than my 120 rogue on retail.

Why did they make poisions spec specific? Why is gouge, garrote, slice and dice, eviscerate, CORE rogue skills locked behind 1 spec?

I think the rogue pruning was the worse of all the bfa classes.

Also, preparation needs to come back. They can raise the cds of skills if they have to.


If we’re just being honest, if you unpruned rogue and gave them back things like poisons, preparation, gouge they would be stupidly overpowered in the current game, all we can hope for is that blizzard realizes most specs are really dull and gives a lot of classes back iconic abilities in shadowlands


No itwouldn’t. Remove cloak of shadows bring back prep.

I can name a few others that got hit just as hard, if not harder. Shamans, mages (mostly arcane), feral, and unholy and frost dk all got hit pretty hard.

The real blow to rogues being fun was combat getting morphed into the rng hell-that-is-outlaw.

Cloak of shadows is an amazing defensive ability - one of the best in the game. Why would you want to get rid of it?


Actually just RTB replacing SnD , outlaw in itself is pretty damn nice , deadshot procs , higher range , grappling hook , etc . But they just had to put this RNG ontop to ruin the entire thing because it was obvious that balancing 5 different buffs was too hard for them .

rogues have plenty of defensives.

Oof. Warlock can’t handle rogue being untargetable by spells for 2 seconds once in a 2 minutes.

What defensives rogues have against spells except cosh? None. You can vanish with 100% of breaking it in next second cause of all stuff that any caster class is putting on you that ticks and that’s it.

you dont need defensives against spells. You have an easy time killing clothies buddy.

And you don’t have time killing leatheries … "buddy’?
You said that rogues have plenty of defensives so they don’t need cosh. Now you said that rogues have a lot of time to kill clothies. When they stand still and don’t cast anything and don’t use their defensives — sure.

But I wonder what kind of bullzhite you will spill next.


Pre-pruned Subtlety would greatly disagree.


You’re not even posting on a rogue, ergo, I’m guessing you have no clue what the crap you’re talking about. Rogues are one of the squishiest classes in the game, and until Cloak of Shadows came along, they were super weak against casters. Now CoS gives them a 90s cooldown where they aren’t at the mercy of casters.

Do you need to talk to an adult and show said adult on a little orc doll where a rogue touched you?

I didn’t switch mains after 14 1/2 years because of what was done to sub. I changed because of what was done to outlaw. /shrug

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I quit retail entirely because of what they did to Subtlety. I don’t even recognize the character I’ve loved since 2005.


I wasn’t going to go to classic - I had no interest in going back to it, I went through it once already, and my guild staid in retail, anyway. It’s cool, though. DH is still pretty fun. I do miss combat, though…

Classic rogue is missing a lot of utility. Like getting perma kited. I think TBC felt a lot better because you had cloak and step which made rogue feel 100x better.


I didn’t quit retail for classic, I just quit retail. Started playing classic later. Classic Rogue isn’t my favorite. Rogue was at its best in the expansions before Legion. But at least in classic I have poisons and Gouge and bleeds and recognize my character as having the basic attributes of a WoW Rogue.

Can’t say that about this Legion/BFA nu-Rogue trash.


Fair enough. I certainly thought rogue was at its best during BC and LK. It was still good during cata, though I hated cata… Legion is when combat went to hell for sure. It lost its poisons and bleeds and got a crapton of rng in return.

How I feel about Outlaw:


TBC was great for alot of classes. I’m playing classic so blizzard makes a TBC realm.


When I played classic rogue most of my abilities weren’t really used except for keeping slice n dice up and auto attacking

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In cataclysm rogues were very overpowered they did insane damage had the best cc with frost mages, had strong auto applied slows etc top tier survival tools and fantastic utility whilst a lot of other classes were very clunky and slow.

A lot of rogues have been salty since those glory days

What level is your classic rogue? And do you have thistle tea?

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