Retail Playerbase is 70% Chinese According to Blizzard Employee

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During a conversation between Twitch streamer Destiny and a Blizzard employee on August 21st, some insight was given into the status of BFA’s playerbase.

In these clips, the Blizzard employee states that team 2 (the team that works on WoW currently) is often frustrated with the community’s negativity. He also states that if WoW were on Steam, the concurrent players would put it in the top 1, 2, or 3, depending on the time of day. He finishes the second clip off by saying that the playerbase of retail WoW is ‘70% China’.

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Do we have a name for this Blizz employee?


Well, when they release an unfinished product, and make the game less fun, and on top of that, ignore the community feedback, how do they think the community is going to react?

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I’ve only watched about 5 minutes of the Twitch vod. It could be in the entire thing somewhere if you wanted to look, but I don’t know.

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what blizzard employee?


So there really is a Team A and a Team B. lol wow. Let’s pray Team B doesn’t touch next expansion or the one after that.


And he says if WoW was on steam it’d be in the top number 1, 2, or 3 game. So the subs are 100% below 2 to 3 million, that’s not being negative, that’s being factual. Anyone can check out and see numbers. Not to mention over 70% are Chinese subs anyway, so we won’t see most of them over here anyway.

Well, then…

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Just casually playing the game, there is absolutely no way that’s accurate.

10% … 20%? 20 seems pushing the limits of what I observe, but I’d give it to you since I couldn’t prove it with solid evidence.

But there’s no way it’s 70. That’s just the bandwagon hate for retail, which is really getting old at this point.

There’s PLENTY to be critical of about BfA. But none of those threads/comments are “critical”, just the pointless whining of children. Never a solid observation in any of them.

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I’d imagine the majority of Chinese players are on the Chinese servers.

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Oh look you’re unbanned.

Wrath was the same… Playing for 10 min at a net cafe = sub in China for blizzard.

Also somthing stated on a twitch channel…it must be true!

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That isn’t fair people have made many threads with detailed feedback and proper criticism. Disreguarding them as whining of children also is not really a great constructive way to answer their more than valid concerns.

(Brocknor) #12

On GD??? Not lately.

If I read something constructive, I’d give it credit. It’s just whining whining whining.

I even said there’s plenty to be critical of. It’s not like I’m defending BfA.

But GD is just RAMPANT with people jumping on the bandwagon of “this sucks!!1111” without any real thought or reason.

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And you think this means what, exactly?


That’s because they already left. We’re the leftovers, bud.

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So you’re saying (in easy numbers) if WoW had 10 million subs, 7 million of them are in China?

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Maybe not, the point is more that you shouldn’t generalize people feedback. If you feel like you disagree, then go disagree on those threads.

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As for my stance on that chinese assumption. Without numbers and facts supporting I don’t believe anything from Blizzard.

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The 70% figure he gives is in relation to concurrent players (players online at one time).

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5 or so teams, each team works on a different game.
There was never a TEAM A or B. People just didn’t like what the people at that time did for the expansion or liked it.

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Yeah I also know a Blizzard Employee, so do 90% of this forum, I think we have a twitch thing happening soon … details never :blush: