[Retail] Mail restoration failing to operate, but places a 2 week cooldown on service still

I recently had a lot of auction-expired mail (137 items total) expire, as i had been unable to log in for some time due to real-life commitments. After trying to use the mail recovery tool in game (all items were still there in full), it popped up saying “mail recovery completed” and placed a 14 day cooldown on the tool. After waiting for a few days with no mail reappearing, i submitted a ticket per the “still need help? contact us” link and have since been in contact with Blizzard support for the past month. I retried the recovery going through the website instead this time, resulting in the same result as above and have still not been able to get the items back after a month of waiting on CDs.
No resolution has been provided through tickets thus far, as they advise they’re not able to facilitate mail restore and advise me to just use the tool
A bit amount of time went in to farming the items that are in limbo, and I have no idea what next step to take, so suggestions would be met with great appreciation!

Your fellow players, myself included, would advise doing what you already stated you did. Open a ticket.

My only knowledge of restores is these logs don’t last long. Not sure how long between when these mails expired and when you tried to reclaim them.

You’ll just need to make sure if you have a lot of auctions going again, to clear them out before taking extended time off. Automated restore is nice for accidents, but are not always infallible.


Thankyou for taking the time to respond,

I had made a ticket and been in contact with multiple GM’s including screenshots of said items and showing i followed the process required for the tool, and was directed by a GM to post on these forums specifically as they are unable to facilitate any help… so im at a loss for what im meant to be doing to work toward a solution

"*I would like to personally apologize for taking this long to solve your issue and if you have had to reach us multiple times, as I can see that restoration page didn’t restore your mail, Trust me, as a gamer myself, I understand how frustrating that could be, so allow me to dive into this for you.

Taking a look at your ticket and account details, and as a gamer myself, I highly advise you to kindly report the issue you’re encountering to us using the forums at the link below:

Submissions posted there have the benefit of allowing community discussion around high-impact bugs, which can help with analysis and prioritization.*"

Then I would advise editing the post, and moving it to the bug report forums. I know this isn’t the first report of auction mail expiring and not being recoverable. Unfortunately the tools, though great in self help and lowering gm wait times, are not infallible.


Unfortunately, expired Auction House mail tends to become unavailable for recovery fairly quickly, even for Game Masters. The issue with the Item Restoration page seems to mostly be that it still lists it as available, when it isn’t. We’ve found even trying to manually restore that mail, when it isn’t able to be restored with the self-help option, has been impossible as well.

I don’t know what the solution is here. If they can find a way to keep that mail viable for longer, or purge it from being displayed when it otherwise is no longer available. I don’t know if this will have any impact on your current solution, but I would recommend submitting a bug report, the additional data definitely helps in these situations.