Rest in peace Arthert

Unfortunately my father has passed away this morning. To me he was my dad, to World of Warcraft he was known as Arthert, or some may known him as Arris, or Poofe. Arthert was to me the best damn paladin on the server, he was selfless and helped anyone in need be it a random player or someone in Elders of Turalyon. I have many fond memories back in wrath of the lichking and cataclysm. I remember when I was still horde at the time before joining alliance,. dad looked over to my screen when used to play wow in his office and see me attack the goblins of booty bay for blood sail rep and would say “ok son, im on my way to BB to come kill ya!” and that would cause me to panic lol and shout “no dont kill me im just farming rep!” but of course he didnt fly out to booty bay and let me continue my rep farm . Either way sorry for the long post, Rest in peace arthert azeroth has lost one of its champions of light.


I am sorry for your loss.

Sorry for your loss. He sounded like a great man.