"Respect Player's Time" Doesn't Apply to Druids Apparently

You get what you get, and you don’t throw a fit.

To answer the questions…

  1. PvP gear which is an actual improvement to character power to have a leg-up getting honor gear/conquest gear for the following season.
  2. First crate gives~200 tokens, every crate after gives ~50. A full set is 2310 tokens. So, assuming you want to farm it all in a day, you need around 43 crates, it will be less if you acquire tokens from other sources (1 per kill when NOT in a raid group, so not when you’re doing the crates, ~50 from once-a-day PvP WQs).
  3. RNG is involved in the spawn timers and which zones they spawn in, also directly influenced by luck if you end up encountering an enemy faction raid doing the same thing on the WPvP shard you are on. Best case scenario, you get three spawns back to back but not at the same exact time and have no competition. Worst case they all spawn simultaneously and you have sizeable competition to fight against (although the PVP aspect is fun for those who enjoy raid vs raid PvP, it slows down the rate of gear acquisition).
  4. The grind will be irrelevant in future expansions because if it doesn’t become outright removed content it would only be for transmog. That said, easier to do when current as it only gets harder to obtain later compared to rares which would only become easier as time progresses merely by factor of fewer people in said region camping them.

Going to repeat the other forum trolls: LOL WE GOT 6 MONTHS IT’S OK you’ll get em eventually

You don’t need these forms for druid to play the game so it seems the problem lies with you.

Don’t be a big du du

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Exactly, there’s different variants, for example, I avoided this kind of grind and I just went directly to random BGs for Honor and 2s, 3s with my healer, now I do more Solo Shuffle compared to other options, there’s options compared to the issue with a rare that spawns every 1-3 hours.

Obviously if you focus so much in the war crates, you’ll find issues like faction imbalance, random locations as you mentioned.

That’s the case of your specific grind, as you mentioned rare will become easier regarding competition but that doesn’t remove the fact that the respawn will be the same, also it’ll be harder for some cases because as mentioned by another council post:

Exploit early, exploit often…for example the mount from Zaralek Caverns Seething Slug, reward from the cache that you need to click some orbs.

Fix: Seething Cache now correctly cancels Insidious Insight on all players after being looted by the first player to reach it

I did it when picking the cache didn’t remove that buff and that specific fix wasn’t receive well. Also, as you mentioned before some content is easier to do it when it’s new do it realm hop and other strategies.

I think you are a fine sample, I am unsure if people should be blocked out of the opportunity to get customization for their druid forms due to playtime restrictions. For other things perhaps, but considering druids spend 99% of their time in a form. Being able to customize them seems rather important. Locking people out of that because they have a busy life seems rather punitive.


Druids over here complaining while I still rock 1992 ascendance form.


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But they don’t have to do that. They can do something else if they know it’s at least a two hour timer. They could just wait for the new patch to slow down a bit, in which case they won’t be competing against everyone constantly. I mean, it’s not like someone is holding a water gun at OPs head and saying, “SIT THERE AND DON’T MOVE.”

I got on my Druid alt last night and got like 6 of the new forms in an hour, I think Druids will be okay if some of them require some more patience lol




If they’re gonna wait for the patch to slow down, they might as well do something else and completely forget about the druid forms. That’s not a good solution.

This patch is going to last a little while. It’s a perfect solution.

Still doesn’t feel good to get excited for a “new feature” that doesn’t have any real progression.

What sucks is I got the inscription recipe for one and stupidly learned it, but it is soulbound on craft and not available for crafting order.

What echo chamber. Just us mature people able to actually have a civilized view on certain matters instead of the usual ‘’ omgerd you want everything right away ‘’ ‘’ it’s only cosmetic, stop whining ‘’ blah blah blah.

Such a passive aggressive nature amongst a lot of the people in t his game.


It’s not a “feature” that’s supposed to have progression behind it?

They make people excited for new druid forms and then gate it behind something worse than renown. That’s what you call a let down.

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Oh I forgot about those. Too bad you mentioned them.

It’s a game, I don’t want to be patience, also I’m not saying 100% drop, hand out that people really like to twist words.

However; as a game it should have active gameplay, leaving a character hours in a spot waiting isn’t gameplay. I can be patience if you give me an actual gameplay grind.