Rep Grinds


What happened to the game? I remember when Rep grinds were optional, and now they have become most of the game. You know what players don’t like? Forced, repetitive rep grinds.

Back in the day, you could do rep, or not do rep, depending on what you wanted to get from the vendor. Want a crazy new mount? Grind the rep, want a new pattern for tailoring? Grind the rep. That was a fine system, and doing literally anything else in game was possible without the rep grind. Want to raid? No need for rep, unless you want that special something from the vendor. So most of the community went about their lives never doing rep grinds because they found that they were not all that fun or entertaining.

Now let’s fast forward to today. You MUST rep grind if you want ANYTHING from the game. Forced, boring, slow rep grinds for everything. Want to do dailies? Rep grind. Want a new race in a game you paid for? Rep grind. Want to fly? Rep grind. Finally done with that leveling to 120? Here, now go and rep grind by doing the same boring things over again.

I will say, back in the day at least they let you get rep. through tabards, now if you want the tabard, you guessed it, rep grind.

I mean honestly, you force players to grind away rep in the most boring way possible, and you have the nerve to wonder why the game is losing players? here’s a hint, players like to play games that are fun, not games that are forcing them into boring content as a way to save money instead of creating good content. Meanwhile, you are locking content you spent time and money on behind rep, so that the people who play won’t even get that content. Like, honestly here, what percentage of WoWers have all allies races unlocked? Like really?

When you were a kid and your parents made you clean your room before eating ice cream, that was the old rep grind. Now it’s as if you have been shipped to a military academy where you spend 20 hours a day cleaning your room, and in return they might give you no dairy frozen desert once a year. And you wonder why enrollment dropped?..

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They still are optional.


Want to raid? Need to do Heroics first to get attuned. Want to do Heroics? Gotta get the keys first. Want the keys? Gotta grind the rep of the faction that sells them.



No, they really are not, they have become replacements for real content.


It’s called money and time played. Every action they do is just so transparent and obvious that they want to squeeze as much money out of you as possible. I mean, you need to do TWO rep grinds, the entire BfA story, and the war campaign just to unlock upright trolls and fat people.


I mean at this point I would honestly pay $20 a race in the item shop compared to having to grind the rep and requirements for these new races.


I would actually argue that is part of the game becomeing a wasteland as well. You had a path, a path that stayed open the whole expansion. People were still running Kara at the end of TBC, and they were fine with it. Now, not so much. They invalidate their own content every time a new instance drops.


It’s so dumb how Blizzard thinks time gating substitutes for real content. It’s been a year and a half since Zandalari and fat people were announced and they are still unfinished to this day, with glitches and no emotes for some druid forms.

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LOL op never played vanilla or bc clearly.

it litteraly was mandatory you couldnt enter the instances without the rep if I remember correctly


They were running it to key people for other content, not because it was a valuable use for their time.

Honestly though, how can you say that rep grinds are bad and follow that by saying that forced progression paths are good? They both do the same thing – gate the amount of time spent to accomplish in-game goals.


Locking instances behind rep, fine. Locking entire races? Or reskins with lukewarm racials? $$$


Because one is fun and one is boring.

Also, there were plenty of guilds not running anything other than Kara, or at least having groups for only Kara. They have abandoned that mix of top level content.


Running SSC for the billionth time so that someone can get keyed for Tempest Keep was not fun. It was a chore, and instead of a chore that was an individual responsibility, it was a chore that was a 25-person responsibility.


And running through (pick any quest hub in azeroth) for the billionth time on the 50th toon is less boring? Please…

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There are literally no more rep grinds for current content. If you actually have to grind out reputation in BfA then you are likely doing something wrong.

Compared to the old days they now just give you the rep.


Except that it is, again, one person doing it, and not twenty five. If both are equally boring and unfun, the one that requires fewer people to execute is without question the more preferable.


Except that people are gone from the game because the content they get is boring. Flat out boring. Running a dungeon is preferable to finding nancy her three cats, or killing 10 X that die in 1 second while you fall asleep at your keyboard…


…No, it isn’t. Running a dungeon you need nothing from and have done dozens of times is neither challenging nor entertaining. And when someone else DOES need to do it, that means at least 4 other people have to trudge through it while gaining no benefit for the use of their time.

ONE person needing to do WQs that aren’t personally rewarding is better than five people doing dungeons that aren’t personally rewarding. While the one person who needs to do the WQs does them, the other four can spend their time on things that are actually fun.

The narrative you’re pushing erodes individual player agency – not good.


No, the narrative I am pushing creates more fun. People play this game to rid, or to run instanced PvE, not to run boring quests. Quests are the leveling mechanism, which is about all most anybody wants to do with them. You act like people were not outraged when they removed gaining rep through instances, because they were. It was deemed a punishment because people preferred running the dungeons, and that by the way is what you needed from those instances, rep.

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Every time I see a post like this I think two things.

OMG, don’t encourage them.


It’s interesting that some of the game play design is so bad that it looks like a f2p / farmville type scheme where they intentionally make the game annoying enough to get you pay past the annoyances.