Rename Void Elves and expand their lore

If you do not but truly believe that a lot of Belf identity is embedded in their Blood Knight culture, then I’m not going to sit here and debate it with you, but I will say that you’re wrong.

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You may want to re-read the announcement… it’s not just the new skins… it’s all of the skins…

i didn’t read they saying they would get all the blood elf skin colors, that is completely obnoxious

what they show in the post were 3 colors only

there is nothing saying about hairstyles or hair colors

Ya’ slanted eyed tree mongrel! Why should I listen to a pointy-eared leaf muncher?! Yer father had no beard and yer mother was an orc!

I would support Blood Elves getting Void Elf hairstyles, minus the tentacles of course.

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As it says here:

Void Elves will inherit the skin color options that are on blood elves… also, the colors shown are different between the two races…

I don’t think they should re-name the VE as a whole as it would create an even more identity crisis for the race. But, having Vereesa and the Silver Covenant come together and form a pact with Alleria and her Ren’dorei could work, which would explain why we can inherit our previous form. Maybe implement it with an in-game event by having both sisters re-form their bond and share forces. All this is just my opinion, but hey w.e works for people then do it.


High elves are literally seen walking through the portal from stormwynd to the void to join the void elves. I am sure some of those elves coming through the portal to join the ranks are already paladins. Those new elves joining the void represent players joining the void elf Ranks. So it makes perfect sense for void elves to be paladins since they are literally high of joining the void.

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High elves. Enjoy your ren’dorei.

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Blood Elves don’t need to defect to the Alliance to allow for Paladins. High Elves that aren’t Void Corrupted already exist within the Alliance and have for a all of WoW’s lifetime.

On another note: I don’t understand how adding regular hair colors and hair styles to the Void Elves hurts their identity? They’ve already added a good portion of the High Elf aesthetic to them in the form of skin tones and eye color. But beyond that the Void Elves don’t really have an identity. They came out of nowhere and were the first compromise for High Elves which failed. As others have pointed out they didn’t really get story development in the expansion that featured Old God themes. There’s not really an identity there to be stolen.

Adding High Elf aesthetics or even alternative racials to them to fit that aesthetic doesn’t “steal” anything from Void Elves. Or even for the option to tag your character as a “High Elf” rather than a Void Elf. It’s not like people are asking to remove the Void Elf hair or skin tones.

I personally don’t think you care anything about void elf lore, and I’m judging this from all of the posts I’ve seen from you in this thread.

If you were a void elf fan you would at least understand the fact that they are a new race with terrible and conflicting lore that needs to be addressed if they’re going to be taken seriously. Why defend it? It’s bad.

And look how terrible Nightborne turned out!!! lmao

Vulpera are allied with sethrak, it’s only the faithless that EVERYONE opposes.

Horde wanted them.

I really don’t care if you like them or not.

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I love how Kul Tiran, Mechagnome and Dark Iron turned out.
bruh dark irons are super awesome you wouldn’t understand!
Then why are they nearly non-existent in game?

A light wielding paladin wouldn’t go to get infused with the void. They know better. Opposing forces. Boom. Elf guts everywhere.


Both void and blood elves are getting the cosmetic option for the same eyes as high elves… it’s a fact. Which I think is good. Well the same as the high elves currently in game, unless they change them for Shadowlands it’s the exact same, they use to be NPC only as an option.

yikes, like i said obnoxious, if its that so, i hope that at least hair color is left alone

It is a bit obnoxious… more so since the actual High Elf skin tone is still NPC only… even if we were only to get the 3 tones shown in the preview… High Elf NPC skins use cool tones (purple and blue tinges) rather than warm tones (red and orange tinges)…

Sorry… just a minor complaint from someone who does a lot of graphic arts work… I tend to notice small things like that a lot more than I really should… >.<

These kinds of thread titles make the majority look bad.

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Player made issue

Considering void elves are the coolest looking elves imo. And I hate elves lol.