Remove spell batching

Yeah, mirror casts are still doable, but there’s some odd interactions. Also doesn’t help that some skills like bubbles will both nullify actions retroactively (no batching delay due to the critical nature) and afterward (spell batching in that a spell can be cast right after it ends and take another 0.5s to hit, but still be nullified entirely.)

Not really sure why the window needs to be this large.

Really doesnt make sense, and some people have put up videos to show how it worked in vanilla vs how it works now, but others have said but oh wait, this is also right because see this other video over here.

And how do you know what is right when it could have been one guys internet sucking back in the day making it look bad, when really it was not that bad, I dont remember it being this bad, but its 15 years ago, so how do you prove it?

Really it does not matter because the batching the way it is is awful, and really should be made as enjoyable an experience as possible.

lol some of us are 45 years or older. That’s like 5 minutes ago to us, not some arcane lost age, lmao.

Yeah totally understand that, but some stuff gets a little hazy still.

Spell batching always being horrible and something we only accepted because of technical limitations is not hazy.

I also played classic beta before batching was added, which was very late in beta, and after. And classic played so much more enjoyably.

I don’t know, this would make blizzard a lot more reliable.

I believe it, makes me wonder why they chose do to this on their own accord.

Blizzard didn’t, a handful of #nochangers tried to pretend that batching was about skill and a real game mechanic.

some of that is kinda true, there are ways you can game batching, but the way it is now that’s not really all that possible. Someone is gonna mention vanishing incoming damage, and that’s false, that’s something we could always do until the vanish mechanic got changed, and has nothing to do with batching, but instead the vanish mechanic.

Stuff you could in the past do with batching are thing like gouging a blink, or prekicking a cast, yeah kinda cheese but actually possible in the past, there are more things you could do in the past, but whatever.

Overall the game would be better off without the present batching format, its just not good because it sucks.

You think you do but you don’t.

It always sucked, it just sucks even more now.

Yeah its not good.

Right? “the game used to be laggy and our computers sucked, so we are going to lag everyone for the next 10 years even though that lag doesnt exist anymore”
Why not vanilla with clear internet? rip
I guess we can just pray BC doesnt have this lag batching