Remove spell batching

Seriously who tf actually wants this crap still? Combat feels disgusting, just get rid of it already so we can have some smooth gameplay.


thank the #nochanges crowd/certain streamers
it really does need to be lowered to 100-200, it just feels gross as is


The funniest thing about spell batching is the devs that created it way back when would probably object to it in this. It only existed cause half the people were on dialup or dsl still.


Yeah let’s heavily nerf frost mages and ele shamans!

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as someone who play frost mage and ele shamans, I approve this!

I do. :smile:


They need to nerf spell batching, not remove it completely. Theres a lot of things that don’t work reliably with the artificial batching they have in right now. Sometimes when i go to IB a spell that’s in the air, i still take the damage of the spell despite it not having hit me yet. Thats not intended, and not how it worked in vanilla.

However, things like shatter combos worked into TBC, and I remember it working in WotLK as well. They need to tone it down, not remove it.


I don’t think it needs to be removed.

I hated it as first, but I got to admit it can have it’s fun moments and does add an extra layer of depth to gameplay.

However it could use some tuning, I can work with spell batching but it would be alot nicer if was 100ms or something.

I play frost mage and I play warrior and spell batching is utterly disgusting at current levels. Same with Leeway. It needs to be drastically reduced.
The no changes morons were wrong. Now move on and fix the game.

This game could be so much better with small slight changes to specific things. Blizzard doesn’t care about this game though if they did they’d start by banning all the bots.

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It was a straight performance tuning measure, not an element of game design.

It also doesn’t work the way it used to. Its likely due modern internet speeds and machines, but the batching as is is a travesty.


And yet it was specifically coded to continue working for frost mages all the way up through the current expansion. That’s one heck of a performance tune!

Except it wasn’t. If they made specific mechanics for specific spells function differently that is hardly same as blanket 400MS batching being enabled.

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Frankly I don’t care how the specific code is written as long as the result is that shatter combos continue to work for frost mages, because that is still in the game all the way up through BFA, I can assure you.

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I see all these complaints about spell batching, but none about melee leeway which is far more illogical in the current environment.

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The only time spell batching ticks me off is when I use Nature’s Swiftness to rank 9 Healing Wave to watch my heal target die.

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Batching works as it did in vanilla.

For everyone who actually had decent internet back then, this is what the game always felt like.

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You’re actually wrong, lol. If you think this is how it felt your brain has broken.


At this stage of the game it’s too late. Gotta fix totally inconsequential stuff like Gorshak 9 months after everyone’s already used it.

That’s just not true. You can watch PvP videos from vanilla and see as they IB spells in route, counterspell casts near the end of their cast, and get heals off in the nick of time. None of these things are assured anymore. A lot of it feels like a random roll whether or not it’ll go through correctly as is.