Remove spell batching

I’m not, but feel free to provide evidence to the contrary.

I’ll wait, but I won’t hold my breath. /pat

They are if you time them correctly, just like how it was in vanilla.

But sure, clips carefully selected from hundreds of hours of recorded play are totally indicative of average gameplay.

For every clip in a video of someone Ice Blocking an incoming spell, there’s dozens of clips of them trying and wasting Ice Block to take the damage anyway. Guess which ones got put in the video.

Did you actually play vanilla-Cata? I did. I know the timing for an IB or CS. At least I knew it when it was correct. The current version of spell batching is BROKEN. Its not correct. You cannot time an IB and be sure it’ll count for the spell in the air. The reason I referenced the videos is because that’s actual proof that it used to work the way I’m saying it did.

You also didn’t have countless issues of tanks getting damage batched while a heal goes off, and dying because the death went through in the same batch the heal did. It didn’t happen. Youre wrong.


Your evidence?

And yet you can see videos of people doing the same thing in Classic. How is that evidence that it worked differently in vanilla, exactly?

Yes, you did.

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Can’t tell you how many times I’ve popped LoH on the tank, or BoP on a mage, only to watch it go on CD and still have my target die.

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I played classic-cata. I did A LOT of PvP. I could reliably IB any incoming cast as long as I did it before it hit me. Now it works about 50% of the time.

I could wait until the last second of a cast to CS, and it would interrupt the spell and hit them with the lockout. Now i can’t wait past the halfway mark of the spellcast or else it’s likely to let the cast go through and only apply the silence.

I know this with 100% confidence. I’m not the only one who played back then that’s saying it feels way different. Can I still IB damage in transit? Yeah, absolutely, but I cant do it reliably like I used to.

Just because you say its the same doesn’t mean a damn thing. You’re no more a reliable source than anyone else here, and you seem to be very outnumbered in your opinion, which leads me to think youre likely the one in the wrong.


How about Blizzard, then?

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Remove or nerf if, I’m good with either. The system we currently have in game is artificial and breaks core mechanics.


But i love watching mob’s just running into my blizzard not getting slow at all till they are right in my face

Blizzard hasn’t been a reliable source on their own games for like a decade lmao

And the random people on the forums saying they played in vanilla haven’t ever been a reliable source.

If I had to choose between some randoms saying they don’t remember things working this way in vanilla and Blizzard saying they have the original client and that batching works the way it did in vanilla, I’d choose Blizzard every time.

And trust me, I’m no fan of Blizzard and their changes, but when the best evidence anyone has that spell batching is wrong is PvP videos showing off things that are still possible in Classic, it’s hard to take them seriously.

I’d say drop the batching window to around 50-75ms, not 200+ as it is currently.

I understand that some people dealt with poor broadband when the game debuted, but to subject all of us to the experience of those unfortunate souls seems…ill advised.

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Batching was more a side effect of shoddy connections though, and wasn’t a server-side issue for the most part. If we all still had junk DSL connections, we’d probably not even notice, but with the advent of widespread fibre connections, it comes off as very clunky. A reduced window would still permit some…odd interactions, but would make the weirder interactions vanish.

That’s… entirely incorrect.

Look up what batching actually is. lol

It was a server sider performance tuning measure, not a legitimate game design mechanic.

Reading about this, blizzard apparently had the batching in the works before the no changes movement even talked about it.

I was in favor of it before they implemented it, and that was a mistake. If knowing what I know now I would be very much against it. Trouble is, some people say its accurate and some say its not accurate, but to me that part does not matter at all.

What matters is that it plays badly and Classic wow could be better if it did not play laggy like this on top of the already existing server lag. Not talking about the batching, the retail servers lag too, but that’s a little different and unles you arena you may not notice it.

Exactly. They tuned the window to compensate for shoddy connections.

Also doesn’t help that it only applies to -certain- situations (Like, classic spellbatching had weirded stuff such as shooting around a corner or a spellcast going off despite a target being behind you for the last 0.2 seconds of the cast.) - Whole thing feels forced and like a giant half measure.

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What I really dislike about it is that say for example a mage uses blink to avoid my melee attacks. In vanilla I dont ever remember my auto swings hitting him after the blink. I did have numerous occasions where the mage blinked, and was dead on the other end, but never had a melee attack hit him after that I remember, its just very strange.

Even in retail I can still sap an enemy rogue at the same time he saps me, so that kinda behavior never actually went away, blizzard just played that card to sponsor this for some reason, because you can still do that in retail.

Yeah, mirror casts are still doable, but there’s some odd interactions. Also doesn’t help that some skills like bubbles will both nullify actions retroactively (no batching delay due to the critical nature) and afterward (spell batching in that a spell can be cast right after it ends and take another 0.5s to hit, but still be nullified entirely.)

Not really sure why the window needs to be this large.

Really doesnt make sense, and some people have put up videos to show how it worked in vanilla vs how it works now, but others have said but oh wait, this is also right because see this other video over here.

And how do you know what is right when it could have been one guys internet sucking back in the day making it look bad, when really it was not that bad, I dont remember it being this bad, but its 15 years ago, so how do you prove it?

Really it does not matter because the batching the way it is is awful, and really should be made as enjoyable an experience as possible.

lol some of us are 45 years or older. That’s like 5 minutes ago to us, not some arcane lost age, lmao.