Remove Mage "Portal" spell, only fair following Soar nerf logic

You mean ‘mutually-paired’. But ideally, that won’t be the case and Dracthyr will get to be other classes, so I can see them tweaking Soar as the racial and the Evokers get something special for a class skill to be effectively ‘Soar+’.

At this point there is zero evidence that Blizzard is even considering making Dracthyr eligible to be other classes.

I think in designing Dracthyr the developers looked at what was done in the old MMO Horizons Empire of Istaria, where dragons were a playable race. But like Dragonflight you could only choose the special dragon class.

If Blizzard does change their minds and opens up Dracthyr to other classes, I think this would be many years in the future in some later expansion. They could always rework any racial abilities to be balanced then.

I know that right now they’re just Evokers, but hopefully things get tweaked. Ideally it’d be during Alpha/Beta/Dev, but I just don’t want the Dracthyr to be completely one-dimensional.

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I don’t have cold hard data on this, but I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the dracthyr ability is just being tuned to fit in line with the regular dragonriding skill tree.

In that, they have to level it up if they want to top out their speed, much like you would do for your dragonriding dragon mount.

TL;DR of course nerfing it is bad but it could also just be alpha testing.

This isn’t necessarily like covenant swapping. If the speed % is nerfed, it’s done so deliberately and not for any technical reasons.

The speed value could be tweaked with just one line of code, so I wouldn’t grab my pitch forks just yet.

Not how it works Helsylvan.

Blizzard basically said in a blue post that the Soar nerf makes Soar worse than Dragon Riding. And that this is intentional.

…Anyone can take engineering. It’s a choice. You’re not making sense at this point.

Hey look, its the perso who said theyd “Allow” us to keep dracthyr provided dragonriding was removed from the game and soar was turned into TBC flight.

  1. not at all what they said

  2. it was already worse than dragonriding

Soar gets nerfed by 30% and you want to entirely remove mage portals. Right, okay…

I mean, Soar would be a totally acceptable racial if it functioned as TBC Flight outside of the Dragon Isles, and Dragonriding as a mechanic should stay in the Dragon Isles.

So, yeah. That’s me.

It was a totally acceptable racial prenerf and your insistance that we drop any new feature in favor of an obsolete one from 18 years ago is ridiculous.

I am saying to keep it in Dragonflight. We don’t have to remove Dragonriding from the game, just keep it in the Dragon Isles, but it replacing TBC Flight is a ludicrous suggestion.

It actually kinda is:

official announcement on soar nerf
From that announcement:

“With the next alpha build, we’re making a change to Soar for Dracthyr that reduces their maximum speed from (roughly) 930% to 640%. The maximum speed for Dragon Isles Drakes is unchanged. This only applies to the Dracthyr Soar racial ability.”

If that’s not saying that the nerf making Soar even slower than dragonriding is intentional, I don’t know what it is.

True. But after testing on Alpha, Blizzard felt that wasn’t enough. Hence the new nerf. That’s fine. It should still be fun and Alpha is the time to make these kinds of nerfs.

Nah just make the cast time 940% longer.

Portals only take you to capital cities. They don’t make it faster to travel across entire zones.

If mages could open a portal to any location in the world at a click of a button, then you’d have a point.

i agree. remove rogues.

aw, that’s stinky :frowning:

we call that hyperbole. It’s often used to provide an example between two sepetate subjects.

Wouldn’t it make more sense to take away teleport and not portal? Everyone can use a portal.

I believe that readers’ varying ability to understand satire in various texts all over the world creates a drastic efficiency advantage over readers who don’t have access to satire.

In line with the philosophy for removing that type of text seen in the alpha builds of the new Dragonflight expansion, this ability to understand satire should be removed from the game, as the knowledge that readers will be able to all understand the same thing will allow me to have more fun on my monk.

Thank you.