Remove gear drops completely from raids

Remove gear from M+ and use the same currencies there as well. Cap the currency to x amount of tokens per week. What we would end up with is on Tues pick your BiS piece of gear if you ran the required amount of content.

Everyone who participated for the week would be on a level playing ground for gear, the only people who would be behind are those who took a break or switched mains. And wouldn’t it be great to no longer be at the bottom of the raids dps charts because you didn’t get tier gear yet again.

I loose motivation by never knowing if I’m going to get a piece of gear. Why bother doing the content I don’t particularly care for if I’m not going to be rewarded. Having that spreadsheet means that I know exactly when my effort will be rewarded and to me that feels much better. I’ve had far to many raid tiers that I end up with no tier set and others where I only get loot because everyone else has it and its finally traded…

Raiding as it is currently (and always has been) feels like going to work and my wage for the week is pulled out of a hat.

I’m not intending to tell you you’re wrong just that what motivates people changes from individual to individual.

Raiding participation is at an all time low. If it continues there is a chance that they could pull the plug on raiding (I want to say it was down to 24% for the last raid,) at least that was the excuse for introducing LFR.

I don’t raid, one of the main reasons I don’t is because of the gearing issue. This solution would solve that for me and I would want to raid. And judging by the amount of friends who have stopped raiding or even playing the game I’m not alone.

You don’t need to be a raider to give your opinion about a system change that would get you involved in raiding.


Source that its at an all time low? LFR was introduced so people could finish the story not because of participation.

There isnt any gearing issue, so no this doesn’t solve anything

You dont ned to be a raider to give an opinion, however your opinion isnt worth anything because you dont raid.

Thats why when people who dont raid try to comment on raiding its a joke

we have a winner for the worst idea ever posted on the forums.

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I’ll just leave this here.

Thats not a gearing issue. Thats reducing the requirements to let more people in to LFR.

LFR isnt real raiding anyways.

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If you look closer…

On the requirements.

SWING and a miss as usual Bloody.

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If there was no gearing problem then they wouldn’t have needed to reduce the gap.

Raiding is already unrewarding for the time spent so it why not make it worse lol.

They didnt reduce the gap because there was a gearing issue. They reduced the requirements because LFR wasnt as hard as they thought it was going to be meaning it was easier.

Either way it doesnt matter because LFR isnt real raiding anyways.

That’s you opinion which is wrong.

Its not wrong. LFR is the storybook mode dumbed down so anyone can do it.

Real raiding doesn’t have determination stacks.

As defined by you.

Not Blizzard.

I no longer remember if it was a blue post or an interview but LFR was created because to many resources were being devoted to content that was not cleared by a large enough percentage of the player base. They were told to increase participation or raiding would be axed. I’m sure someone on the forums still has it bookmarked. I don’t as its been common knowledge for almost a decade now.

You can use wowlogs to compare clears (and just who completed first boss) or

Talking about week 1 clears. Although this has more to do with difficulty.

Goes through numbers for full clears as well as attempts at the first boss.

It may not be an issue for you and well lucky you, but it is for many many people.

When you can do two months of full raid clearing and not be guaranteed anything than there is a very clear gearing issue. And its even worse if you pug as you can’t expect trading. Sure things may drop from the vault but than again most of the time they don’t I’ve had nothing but chest and shoulders in my vault this entire season. And I wish I was joking about that.

Its worth as much as yours when its a discussion about what changes could be made to draw people into raiding. And to be clear here I have raided. I don’t because its not worth it because of the gearing issue, that you seem to refuse to acknowledge is a problem.

I will say that it is not the only or even most prevalent issue that prevents people from raiding however.


Do you have ANY idea how quickly this would kill any sort of raiding?

Literally nobody would’ve done Islands if they didn’t do that annoying Azerite reward thing.

I don’t get the “remove loot drops” crowd,

Having everything on a vendor is so boring and uninspired.


You are incorrect. LFR was created for the sole purpose of letting people who arent able to raid have a chance to see the story and finish the story questlines.

Your sources are asmongold LOL dude is trash and just does things for shock value.

I am talking actual numbers not BS from youtube.

Making things up doesnt make it true. I just swapped to this toon three weeks ago.

You arent guranteed anything in this game and frankly anyone who says the yhave been raiding for two months and didnt get a single drop is lying.

As someone who actually raids when people make very dumb suggestions then my opinion has more weight.

I did islands in bfa for only the mounts :angry: was fun earning the pirate coins and gambling them on the reward boxes when those were added in a bit later on

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I don’t agree with this. Unless the Dinar requirement is much lower than what it currently is. In a raid I can get 1-3 pieces of gear, with Dinar as it is it takes much much longer to get 1 piece.

I think Dinar on top of potential loot drop would be better, I liked the way the “vault” equivalent worked in Legion where you got a piece of gear from each thing you did for the previous week in the chest. I geared up absurdly fast that way in Legion.

I think the biggest thing is Blizzard NEEDS to remove the auto binding when the system determines an upgrade. Had a raid where 3 of the same items dropped, the three people who got them did not need them so they tried to give them away but since the system deemed it an upgrade against their will they couldn’t trade. So three pieces went to waste in our guild. YOU should be allowed to determine if it’s an upgrade, not the system.

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If you cite Asmongold and Bellular videos as your evidence, I immediately know that your opinion is too useless to take seriously.

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