Remove gear drops completely from raids

Move to a Dinar style system for all gear. Make bosses only drop cosmetics, toys, and mounts.

This creates a clear and predictable path to gearing. It eliminates arguments over gear drops when one person wants to keep for transmog and someone else needs for upgrade.

I think this change would create a healthier and less toxic raid environment.


But doesn’t it create new arguments over cosmetics, toys, and mounts?

Would it though?


This expansion is scarce on gear. And people are just tired of gear not dropping for them.


An interesting experiment this season would’ve been to cap raid ilev as heroic, then just have mythic award cosmetic stuff. Similar thing with PvP where all conquest gear scales to the same ilev (311) in PvP combat.


Raid drops were only scarce for part of S1. 1 drop per 5 ppl has been the standard since Cataclysm. Don’t get me wrong. I want to see more drops, but this expansion’s raid drops didn’t just get worse.


Honestly I love the idea of taking RNG out of gearing. Know if you do X bosses = piece. Pick what you want so no getting double of items and such. Frankly I hate the RNG/loot drama etc etc in this game.

The dinar system though feels too slow, M+ gear make it pretty pointless

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yeah no thank you


Raid bosses should only drop badges. Then they can add gear vendors that offer all the loot. Everybody will get the same number of badges from each kill.


I think it (currency) should drop in addition to items. With a dedicated vendor to buy the items from that current raid tier. I can’t tell you how much in the past where I never got a weapon or trinket to drop for me before the next tier was released. I agree with some of the others here saying that Mythic should just award cosmetic items.


knowing if ur gonna get a drop or not kinda keeps raiding interesting to me. i would be bored going into reclears if i just had bis

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Because moving to a solid currency system worked out so great for Torghast.


But Torghast didnt have gear available for purchase, other than the limited number of legendary pieces. I imagine if Torghast currencies had been useable to purchase full sets of gear, it would have been a lot more popular.

An example is the Sandworm pieces from Zerith Mortis. Buy the gear piece with one currency, upgrade it with another. So if, for example, each tier had a separate currency that could be used to upgrade the tier to that higher level, would that work?


Or remove trading ?

How many coins would drop per boss and how many coins per piece of loot?

Depending on the way they do it gearing will become even slower especially when the rest of your raid team gets geared.

I’ve been funneled 5 pieces a week before so definitely do not want to change over to the dinar system.

The current system you would get 1 piece every 3 weeks which is pathetic, even if they change it to 1 piece a week eventually that process will be slower than the current system as trading gear becomes more prevalent among the raid team.

Yep, targeting and getting 1 BiS piece every 3 weeks on top of loot is good.

They just wanted to spite you after you complained how they showered you with loot when titanforging was a thing! :stuck_out_tongue:

Personally I didn’t care for it.

Without the roll tokens, it did seem like we got the short end of the stick though.
wiggles toes

I’d be happy to have it take longer to gear if we had a vendor we could buy gear from and clear path to get there.

The biggest problem for gearing now is that it’s all RNG, even when they start without a valor cap you still end up weeks later still farming trying to get those couple of items because RNG just does RNG things.

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This would just cement M+ as the only relevant PvE pillar.

As for the OP:
Deterministic Loot as a fallback to protect from bad luck is totally fine. ie: Cata/MoP era Valor or BfA’s Titan Residuum. You get 1 piece every week or every 2 weeks depending on how big the piece is. That’s fine.

Deterministic Loot as the SOLE means of getting gear from something is AWFUL.

I cannot stand playing FFXIV for more than a few weeks in a new expansion, because you know from Day 1 what gear you will be wearing and when because that’s exactly what they have over there. It destroys my motivation. Why care about trying to get gear if I’m literally just filling out a spreadsheet.

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Neither did I. I just want a system where you can determinalistically work your way to rewards.

Dinars is a step in the right direction. I also miss justice badges.