Remove cross realm now

It was a mistake to include it, no matter if it was added late into vanilla. Now that you can give acti-blizz money to move servers, unbalanced servers would eventually balance out due to terrible queue times and the corporate overlords who run blizzard can milk the zerglings for even more money.

holy god cross realm is terrible


No thanks.


I agree completely. We’re now placed into a queue system with total randoms. It’s a retail mechanic and not a vanilla one. The server community is almost entirely dead when it comes to PvP interaction with other players from your server. You can’t blackball thousands of different players from different servers. Which leads to people being jerks because there is zero repercussions for poor performance and manners.

If they truly are doing batch content releases this should have been released in P6 or P7.


You are incredibly late.

They are not following the original patch history.

They already have made more changes than they should have to classic.


Uh, well i dont think it would work like you think

Theoretical server 10
Population 42 horde 17 alliance
Horde can queue 1 AV, alliance can queue 0 AV period
Result: No one plays AV
Horde can queue 4 WSG, alliance can queue 1
Result: 1 group of alliance with 4 groups of horde waiting turns to play them.

And the only paid transfer direction you would see is alliance transferring out, people just do not generally decide to transfer in
to that situation


As I said in another thread, faction balance is only one reason for the implementation of cross realm bg’s. They also allow people of both factions to get games at off peak hours.


No, just no.


Merge servers or allow people to Xfer off then delete the server. Dead servers shouldn’t exist solely because Blizzard wants your $$.

Yes, I think we should definately cater to botters and AFKers.


You just totally missed that entirely

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Nope. Didn’t miss it. If we’re talking about faction imbalances that’s a different conversation.

Luckily, Blizzard actually considers players that work odd hours or have other reasons to play during off peak hours. They are smart enough to ignore posts like yours.


If they’re off peak hours they’re more than welcome to play at those hours. This isn’t Vanilla where there was close to a hundred servers ranging from super populated to dead. If they’re looking for a late night guild why not Xfer to a server that has that community?
I honestly believe Xfering should be free considering they’re only altering a few portions of data and with a time limit attached.

What in the world does that have to do with cross realm bg’s?


Yes. There are many servers with different time zones for a reason after all.

You must not have played vanilla! Long ques and epic games were part of it.


Because a server population should dictate whom they’re playing with and against. Rather than being pit against every server in a Battlegroup. If a particular person is looking for morning time PvE/PvP they need to a find server that caters to them. It shouldn’t be Cross Realm because it adds a huge negative to the community for the sole ability to queue.

The entire CRBG 1.12 patch was intended to be the gateway to Arena in 2.0 and beyond. They wanted an eSports presence and to do that they needed a large pool of players.

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What exactly does that have to do with the guy who gets off work at 1am?
Which is the post you replied this in answer to


Because he fails to realize that this type of system allows AFK botters and account sharers to flourish.

We already have an iteration of wow with many options for off time players. BFA/Shadowlands. Or a server in the proper time zone

People also walked everywhere once upon a time. Also cross realm battlegrounds were in the patch that Blizzard is using for classic. That’s been known for about a year or so now.

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