Remove cross realm now

The whole point of a Vanilla community is to identify bots/AFK/cheaters/jerks etc and have that person either shunned/blackballed/banned ASAP. Instead you have people who don’t know each other and don’t care to doing said activities.

If there were 40 people from your server playing AV and you noticed someone leeching, just by pointing it out people would ostracize that player or inform you otherwise. Instead we have a consistent line up leeches all day who don’t care to play but, would rather AFK honor leech.

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It was known but, it wasn’t wanted or needed. Also it doesn’t align with their content batching either. CRBGs weren’t released until a time after Naxx was out and TBC was six months out from release. CRBGs is RETAIL by it’s nature. Hollow community in favor of queuing into an instance for fast/easy rewards.

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Can you tell me what other 1.12 features were included in August? Such as key ring, honor system, BGs, DM, Naxx, AQ, Skyfury Helm, Don Rodrigo’s ring, etc.?

OH wait, they said they only wanted to use 1.12 as a BASE only. They could effectively choose AND DID choose features from previous patches, to stay in line with the vanilla experience.

So your logic is disregarded

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Nah, they can stay put instead and queue because of the existence of xrealm bgs. They don’t have to move at all to seek out a night time community because blizz saw fit to enable crossrrealm.

“Do this thing NOW! Cause I said so and don’t like it! NOW!” - OP 2019


and replace it with battlegroups

Except im in queued with 20 other servers and its still almost 20 min to get into bgs. So nah please leave cross server

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so we all can have AV waits like oceanic? Or so horribly imbalanced servers hardly ever have AV?


So if you work off hours, you have to go play a game that you dont like? I dont think that iteration of WoW has classic, does it?
That does not really make sense to you does it?

What proper timezone? More like another region, which would have crap latency and possibly language issues.

If you dont like BFA and shadowlands, thats likely because you dont like Xrealm. Which you are advocating for. Why would you play Classic/Vanilla if you want to play with Xrealm? Retail has LFR LFD, CRBGs for you to enoy ALL aspects of the game

crying hordelet hands typed this post

That’s why I gave up on it, saw the writing on the wall earlier, I check back the past few days and I see cross realm, realm transfers, etc. ugh.


So now you know better than i do why i do not like them?
maybe you could write my grocery list for me then, there all these things i never buy because i think i do not like them because they taste bad, perhaps i am mistaken there too, because i thought all this time i did not like retail because of the world changes and the character and skill changes and the simplifications etc.

Then there’s another server in another time zone for you.

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shaming afkers would be more effective.

Doesnt work when its Xrealm since server accountabiltiy is gone


It’s on another continent, in another country, not the greatest of ideas

they already ruined classic with almost every single change made from vanilla, just a totally incompetent group of developers…

Holymary mother of RNGeezus

pretty sure thats because you are cross realmed with a bunch of very imbalanced servers. if your realm is balanced and its realm only bgs i’d expect your wait times would be shorter.