Remove all rewards from people who got banned

Maybe not a permaban but the rewards definitely deserve to be stripped. A 30-day ban would seem like a small price to pay for the rewards which would otherwise last forever. Who’s to say they won’t do it again afterwards? :thinking:


This, if they keep rewards 30 days is a joke of a punishment.

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As always attack the result and not the problem. None of this would have happened in the first place if the Mage Tower was a non-elite experience. It wasn’t nerfing it to the ground but making it accessible to everyone though.


Ya that’s honestly a take so fried it’s on a troll level. “Mythic raiding is too hard, if it was nerfed then so many people wouldn’t have to spend gold/rmt on a mythic Sylv kill.” It’s the exact same line of logic.

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Honestly, blizzard is just giving booster more incentive, sure give them a banned. Make a new account pay them again, figure out how they found out about this and fix the issue and we’re back to boosters selling and making even more money due to account banned. Wow tokens is just a way to pay guilds to carry them in raids and 15s, so the boosting won’t stop, it’s blizzard adding a front to take a fix that can’t be fixed. If you do research, blizzard banned accounts and that same person made a new account and just paid the boosters to get what he had before. Blizzard isn’t doing anything to fix the issue, they are enabling it with wow tokens. Also most of the raids can be bought though gold and 15s. Okay, so banned the boosters, make them make a guild and advertise as a guild. Blizzard doesn’t know who paid they just 30 day jailed because they can’t find who actually paid for the MT. The accounts get banned, fine. Make a new account and pay for MT again and use a different program that doesn’t peak blizzards attention. This is just in blizz favor to bring back players just to watch nothing change after this blows over… most has nothing to do with boost and was put on a 30 day, I applaud blizz but your just enabling this even more. Run a different program stay low key and nothing can be done. Instead of a wave it should of been done more carefully, but hey they sold the company for reasons and now want to destroy it before the owners take it over to fix what they continuously keep destroying.

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It is the opposite of logic. I’m stunned someone Blizzard thought deserves a spot on the Council could make such a primitive and ridiculous argument. Really questioning Blizzards standards right now.

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It’s worth noting that the subject line of this discussion thread is exactly what we intend to do. We don’t consider it sufficient to issue a suspension and then have the offender log back in with their ill-gotten gains intact.

We’ll remove both the reward(s) and the kill credit(s) from any player who was actioned for having their account piloted.


And everyone was happy.


Great work guys, loving the moves lately !!


unfortunately that won’t sate the bloodlust around here, but it’s a nice idea and i support it!

I’m perfectly fine with this response. The last part was a genuine over-concern said offenders would do the action again however with better knowledge on how to not get caught.

Head on a pike works well. “we don’t discuss actions” causes many to lose faith and speculate that it’s just a slap on the wrist.



It has no effect on you in any way.
Just play the game and enjoy it.
You do you my friend.

Stolen Valor


I am surprised and happy to hear about that!
Good job!


force mog them into a french maid outfit…or dress them like urkle


Doesn’t exist in a video game.
Also stolen valor is claiming you did something when you literally did not.
People buying boost or carries must actually do said content to receive it.
Sure they can be dead or hiding in a corner the whole time, but they have to actually do it.

Think of the players who ride the bench all season but still come home with that championship ring when their team wins. Same idea.

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My opinion - let Blizzard deal with it as they see fit. I don’t know the facts and I don’t want to judge.

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dying in a corner is not ‘doing content’… Witness others… sure… doing it, no. They’re not even participants, they’re observers.


To you sure.
However the game recognizes them as doing the content, which is literally all that matters when going for drops or completing content.