Can you please balance servers before more get ruined

literally all you have to do is increase server sizes and merge them add 1 layer

every time you open a free xfer ppl mass migrate and ruin a new server…

Why not just move to a lower pop server that has a more balanced faction or re-roll. Make more Zug zug horde go Zoog zoog Alliance.

I left Herod to move to a low pop server because I hated how busy it was. Now I’m on a high pop server with layers. Am I supposed to keep transferring to low pop servers every time the population shifts?


If you want to be on a low pop realm and Blizzard refuses to open new realms to deal with the growing population, yes.

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I don’t care enough myself to transfer away from the friends etc I’ve made unless like my whole guild does it. For the people that do want to keep transferring, the only once every 3 months limitation stops this from being a possibility.

They can transfer, too.

that has to be one of the worst ideas ive read on this god forsaken place called WoW Classic Forums

A more balanced low pop server like Earthfury? I’m sure they’d like a word with you.

its amusing everytime i see the word “merge”

Because blizzard has NEVER merged servers before. ever

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Blizzard’s muscles are weak and so is their balance capability. Can’t blame them and their puny little muscles. Just feel sorry for em. Wimpy wimps.

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Blizzard can’t fix where people choose to go and your demands for them to do so has led to them taking action that only screwed up other servers.

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All good ideas – you are all better game designers than me. All good suggestions.

But none of you are professional MMO designers working for Blizzard. Blizzard and their designers consider issues that WE (as players) do not consider.

If nothing else, they treat every customer the same. They won’t put restrictions on OTHER players in order to help YOU.

And that is what we are really asking for – all of us. We went to be the special ones.