Removal of Brutosaur mount

I just hit 2.5 million. 25 toons at max level, meaning every time a gold emmissary comes up… shudders Oi…it’s rough but eh. I don’t know if I’ll make it in time either, and I had been saving up for it prior to that, but thinking it was going to remain, spent my gold on many other things like buying tokens for a boost (twice), a frog, and various other many things.

I’m not happy about the removal either, I wish they would have told us from the beginning, upon release, that it was limited edition just like everything else they’ve done. annoyed sigh

Thats turning into wow theme. Just think pretty soon the entire expansion will be limited time event. After expansion is over its completely deleted and only those who quested in it has items / experience. No more anything to go back to and farm. Itll just be main expansion and thats it.


That is my belief as well.

If they were really worried about mobile AHs they could simply swap that turtle out for one that does something else.

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I COMPLETELY disagree with this.

You know the Tundra Mammoth? The one that’s 100k? You many find this hard to believe, but during LK when it came out, 100k was an INSANE amount of money.

Flying mounts, the pinnacle of wealth in BC, was a mere 5k. So we jumped from 5k to 100k, to put that into perspective!

And the point is, MOST people didn’t get it in LK. They got it in Cata, or Panda. When 100k became so many drops in a growing bucket.

So do I have 5M now? Let’s say no. But I might have it at the end of Shadowlands. Or the expac after that.

This utterly POS move by Blizzard removes that ability (like SO many other things in this game) to set a goal and WORK TOWARD THAT GOAL. The very DEFINITION of: rewarding content.

Now, it’s just “good job for farming the AH-- assuming you did that ALREADY. Doesn’t matter if you want to do it going forward.” LAME

IT SUCKS. Everything about this TOTALLY SUCKS. >(


Then they should have thought of their own mistake ages ago instead of removing something that’s never been removed before. It’s also a poor excuse. They shouldn’t care who auctions where. We have a large world and people don’t want to be funneled into one city. Not to mention, they could have just replaced the vendor and left the mount in for people to earn.


You think it would have been better for them to take the vendor off the Mount people had already bought?!

They swapped vendors on one of the vendor mounts ages ago already.

There’s zero reason to remove that mount when there are others ways to address their “issue” with it.

And if I’m not mistaken, it’s getting the AH removed anyway.

Oh really? I did not know that. What mount did they change?

Yaks used to have reforging vendors.

They swapped the reforger off the Yak because reforging wasn’t a thing anymore.
That was the only reason to do so.

The AH is staying.


And they can still swap this vendor regardless. Because they’re taking the vendor off of it anyway, iirc.

And it’s still a better solution than removing that unique mount entirely, which has never been done before and shouldn’t be done.

I don’t have it and will never have it. I’m so thankful they are removing it.

Having a portable AH is just stupid to be honest. I want people to have some reason to go to major cities. It makes the game feel more alive.

Compromise would be to half the cost of the mount and remove the AH. This way people who actually like how the mount looks (another opinion I don’t share) can have it, and the players who had the gold are rewarded. Win win.

It’s not getting the ah removed, there was a blue post somewhere that said they were not removing it if I remember. I consider it mostly a troll for people that called that. And yes it would be worst to remove the vendor. Angering the richmons that bough it, which are most often whales. Imagine someone that bough tokens to buy the mount and they remove that. I’d imagine that would be a greater lost to lose that player than to catter to people that still try to get that mount for Blizzard.

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Is this the new victim culture slogan of the BFA era. Literally no one was calling for exclusivity to an expansion basicly every expac had exclusive content to that expansion(did cata have something I know all the others did).

Then maybe it shouldn’t if this excuse of “we don’t want it mobile everywhere” is some real excuse. Though I doubt it.

There’s zero reason to remove the mount. It’s nonsense. No other gold sink vendor mount has ever been removed. Nor should it. Those mounts are long term goals for many people and gave them a fun side project to work towards.

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The excuse is :moneybag: xd Which we all know is the main reasons for a lot of designs.

And it’s a bad one.

It doesn’t pander to anything.

It just makes no sense that the 3 previous gold sink mounts are still in the game from vendors and weren’t touch

20k Mammoth
100k Yak
2Mil Spider

but some how this mount is being removed for no reason other than “dinosaurs go extinct” whoever dreamed up this asinine idea needs a serious logic check.


And imagine how much worse it would feel to drop 5 million gold on that utility, just to have the AH vendor removed.

I do agree that whatever the reasons they have for removing it, stated or otherwise, it should have been communicated earlier, to give people more time to reach that goal. But I don’t think that removing the vendor is the course to take.


No, it simply shouldn’t be removed. Period. This has already given half the people I know another reason to not continue with this game, because of these ridiculous decisions they keep making.

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