Removal of Brutosaur mount

I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t have enough time left to earn the full 5 million based upon my gold earning speed.
I’ve come to the conclusion that the decision to remove this mount panders to a “select group”: large Guild owners, who get a high steady income, and multiboxers.

If it quacks like elitism, and walks like elitism, it probably is elitism.
I hope the group of “select players” enjoy their mount.


The brutosaur was really aimed at that crowd to begin with. The group of people who actively farm millions of gold. Kind of like the spider, it’s a prestige award. It was never meant to be something everyone is going to have with a 5 million price tag.

But its removal is because they don’t want portable auction houses being commonplace everywhere. As time goes on gold will inflate and the mount will become easier for all to get, like the Pandaria yak. That’s why Blizz is cutting it off here.


Token buyers are likely the prime target. Unless these are somehow excluded, they could serve as a boost to sales.


Because there’s no other rewards in the game that are made for those “evil elitists”. :roll_eyes:
Seize the means of productions comrade.

You can blame Blizzard for this, blaming people playing the game “better” than you? Well that’s a stretch.


To be honest, with the fact that BfA was not widely well received, and Shadowlands looking to be out later this year, I see it as Blizzard attempting to get more in token sales to make up for lost revenue. It sounds scummy, and I generally have a higher opinion of Blizzard than that, but since it wasn’t announced from the get go that it would be removed, it’s the only reason that sounds feasible to me. Which just makes me frustrated and annoyed.


I’ll probably never own an Aston Martin Vanquish. Is that elitism? Not really. Probably has more to do with my life choices, priorities, and an acceptance that life doesn’t give me everything I want.


I’ve come to the conclusion that the “select players” will enjoy their mount.

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Your using elitist to describe people who play the ah now? That’s new.

It really is just a word to use when someone is better at any part of the game than you isn’t it.

Also there is heaps of time to get it you just might need to improve your Gold making means.


They want you to purchase tokens to sell for gold and then buy the mount. There is hundreds of millions of gold in wow, possibly billions - this mount is designed to remove large chunks of it.

I’m at 2 million, have a few rare things I’m trying to sell that might net another million if it works out. Not sure it’s going to happen since I don’t want to resort to tokens.

Would’ve been in better shape if I hadn’t bought one of those 333,333 frogs earlier.


People like me who didnt play in legion are being punished for the developers mustakes i guess. I see people say that they are trying to remove gold from the game. I dont farm gold I do content I think is fun and I can never save over 75k unless get a rare drop like dragonrider’s harness from islands. I dont care about not being able to buy five million gold mount. But at least let players lime me afford the 8.2.5 rep mounts.


Two things:

  1. No, anyone is capable of getting the mount. I can make 1 million gold in 2 months. I am none of the things you listed. God forbid you work for something.
  2. Is there a problem it panders to a select group? What is your issue with that?

Of the people I know personally who have the mount (myself included), none are guild owners or multiboxer ‘elitists’.

Most of us have a large stash of gold from just playing forever, gathering worth over expansions. Perhaps instead of pandering to a select group, it was a way to whittle down gold hoards a bit.


Had they told us at the start of the xpac, I would have bought it then. But they didn’t so I had no reason to believe that I couldn’t buy it down the road and so I spent a ton of gold on other mounts and things that will be available down the road, and I no longer have enough gold.


@ Lull : your logic does not explain why the mount is being removed.

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I wasn’t aware that lull worked for blizzard and had a responsibility to defend or explain their actions.

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I only bought it now because it was being removed. I was going to wait until I had a more comfortable cushion beyond the % of my stash that it is currently, maybe in another expansion or so.

I’d imagine the looming removal pushed some other more careful spenders into the same purchase, removing a glut of old gold.


I wish Blizzard would announce these things much earlier. I’ve mostly ignored gold farming this expansion because I figured I could focus on building up a Brutosaur war chest at some later date. Analogous mounts, like the Grand Expedition Yak and the Mad Merchant spider, weren’t removed at the end of their respective expansions. There was no reason to believe this one would be different. I’m especially bothered by Blizzard’s lack of regard for those of us on lower population servers with less active AHs. Five million gold in less than a year? Possibly less? I don’t know that it’s possible.


But why remove the mount ? Keep the price as it is…even in next expansion will have to farm for the gold…so its not like it will make it easy to get


Pretty much they want it to be a season reward/expac reward, creating “fomo”. There are already a couple of things that work like that, the only problem is this one wasn’t advertised like it. And to be fair, I don’t really care since I got the mount and this is for me really one of the lesser problem with the game or Blizzard. Would be nice if they keep it, but a shop mount or the wowtoken for me is still worse than doing that.