Reminder - Recruit-a-Friend Closing Tomorrow (June 11)

With the weekly reset tomorrow, June 11, the in-game function for creating Recruit-a-Friend invitations will be removed.

After tomorrow, if you’ve earned a reward but not yet redeemed it, you’ll still be able to access the redemption page as you do today.

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Thanks for the reminder, Kaivax. I’ll send myself an invite tonight, just to be safe.

See, you guys can provide dates for upcoming events after all! Hows about a date players actually want to hear?


when is 8.2 launching


So all the people who purchased extra rewards beyond what was currently available of this time in good faith are still out of luck?

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After tomorrow, if you’ve earned a reward but not yet redeemed it, you’ll still be able to access the redemption page as you do today.

Why does Blizzard always remove old things first, before new things are ready?

Why not keep the old program in place while the new one is in development?


marketing tactic to get you to panic and buy before it goes away


I can’t believe anyone still uses RaF after yall destroyed it due to a time played metric and to entice people to buy boosts last expansion anyway. lol


I wouldn’t do that to my friends, I like them and want them to enjoy their lives.


It creates that great money making strategy of FOMO. A lot of people would have purchased new accounts to RAF them selves to get the rewards they want. Why do you think they decided to “retire” select store mounts?


Because there were limited supplies, don’t turn this into a conspiracy.


My bad, I forget how expensive it is to run a farm that breeds magical mount monsters.


I mean they refuse to confirm or deny that the old RAF rewards will still be available under the new system. It’s clear that they want people to think the current rewards are going away forever, so I’m guessing the old rewards are being permanently retired.

I guess we’ll find out when they announce the new RAF system at Blizzcon 2019.


Any word on if the current rewards will be obtainable in the new system?

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There’s no word at all on whether or not the current rewards will still be available.

The way things are worded imply they will no longer be available, though logically speaking, it would make sense for them to bring back all the current rewards and introduce a bunch of new ones as it would encourage high utilization of the Recruit-A-Friend system.

They don’t even have a timeframe or anything to share, so the new system is likely months away and isn’t even close to being finished yet.

This reminder is useless to me.

I don’t have any friends :sob:


I am your friend!

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Forum friends don’t count. I can’t recruit you guys. You’re already in! lol

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Thanks for the reminder. Looking forward to when the new RaF Program is ready for the public. :slight_smile: