Reminder - Recruit-a-Friend Closing Tomorrow (June 11)

(Missunknown) #21

This is kind of unfair, blizzard need to announce properly if something (in black and white not vague terms) is actually going away or not. @Kaivax can you please confirm or deny if rewards will be available after?? I am a pet collector and this is extremely important if they are about to be retired for good, I still need the golden pig and the 2 kittehs.


That’s the idea, it sells stuff. They trick you into believing you that have to buy it right now otherwise you may never get the option again.

(Missunknown) #23

The problem is when things are about to be retired (like the thundering serpent hatchling, or the undercity plaguebat/hippogryph from the BFA pre patch, or the AOTC raid mounts blizzard plaster it everywhere so we have a chance to obtain those things.

This has not happened and it has been very vague and shady, if they do indeed become unobtainable.


The difference is that you can earn those things in-game, whereas the RaF rewards are items that are sold for real money.

“buy the digital items now before they sell out!”


ill be your friend :slight_smile:

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Sure, then to give you a real money example a bunch of mounts and mogs were also retired just after Christmas and blizzard announced that very clearly the items were about to go away for good and get in before they go. (Which i did)


Ah yeah, that must have been the “going away maybe forever maybe not” sale?

(Hockeybalboa) #28

Just because you have green text doesnt mean you have to suck up to everything Blizzard does, even when its something as stupid as removing RAF… even though they made RAF borderline useless anyway.

(Missunknown) #29

Yes correct. I know it was shady (because they probably will return and it was a marketing/sales ploy) BUT they aren’t obtainable now and blizzard did broadcast this. What seems to be happening with these are they are going in to limbo, (they will be unavailable and may or may not return) without any proper concrete word from Blizz.



I started the RAF program with my girlfriend, we added a two month card to her account the other day but I have not received my reward yet.

Will I still get my reward?


I just want to confirm I am reading this right. My wife decided she wanted to play and I set her the invite. She uses link set up account and on July 4th completed the requirement for the time purchase on July 4th…does this mean I should be able to still get the reward options? I ask as I have sent in three tickets asking this and showing docs and it never shows that I have an active ticket.

(Arkam) #33

The recruit a friend ended June 11th so no you do not get the rewards.


Even if it all transpired prior except for finishing the time purchase?

(Arkam) #35

It is hard to know exactly what has transpired for your situation. You invited her before the RAF was removed but she did not complete the process until after, correct?


Correct…everything was set up on the 4th of June and the last of the time was added by the 4of July. Didn’t know if the 90 days for them to add time still applied or not…either way it is no big deal but figured I would get the free mount since she was joining the game anyways…lol

(Arkam) #37

Looks like you will have to wait the 90 days(3 months) to find out.

You should try asking the support forums as well.