Reminder: Dragonflight Content Before the Weekly Reset

Are any of the excluded activities how we upgrade our dragonriding? According to Feasal there are no timegates to max our dragonriding.

I could definitely spend the time between hitting 70 and Tuesday maintenance maxing that out.

upgrading dragonriding is just flying around the zones grabbing glyphs so none of these things stop you from doing that


No. They are making it so those things aren’t available on Monday the 28th, so the uber sweatlords won’t have a huge advantage over regular players.

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It is 2 week til anything important is up.

This is funny because I know it’ll still happen.

I see a lot of people quit early-mid first patch because they feel like they’ve messed up and can’t recover, which I think is a bit of a shame because for the overwhelming majority of content it’s fine.


Have already too my week off from all things in life to just focus on playing WoW from Nov 28 to Dec 5th. I can eat, sleep and :poop: WoW 24-7

They haven’t had scheduled downtime on expansion launch since they’ve been doing the global launches. It’s just another day where reset rolls around and you get the system message in your chat about daily quest resets.

At a minimum there will probably be somebody “taking notes” on issues after launch if we are not tripping over them outright. Having a scheduled maintenance time less than 24 hours after launch provides an opportunity to fix things plus the normal routine. People will complain enough about having one long maintenance/bug fix period; no need to take the chance of splitting it in two.

Is it because Blizzard is adding Pandaren Warlocks and is giving them time to catch-up? Thoughtful!



So the ppl that is not brain damaged and can or wants to level fast will have a whole week of nothing to do? Nice.

Yeah I think that’s why.
Also the addition of Gnome Paladins is slowing things up a little as well.
:dracthyr_cry_animated: :bubble_tea: :mending_heart:


replying to follow if this gets responded to

The reputation weeklies probably matter for patch progression and character power, but the Mythic 0s and PvP honor before M+ and Conquest Gear doesn’t really matter at all. Seems kind of arbitrary. Any gains from an extra round of M0 or a bit of honor is going to be erased in the first few hours when M+ and Rated PVP are out.

If people want to go hard on PvP and M0 in the first 15-20 hours by all means let them IMO

So what you’re saying is a whole day is so dramatic of a time frame to people that you needed to announce this.

WELL YOU DIDN"T NEED TO TELL ME OKAY! I’m fine thanks for asking blizzard! I’ll live okay… Jeeeeeeeez…

Wander off mumbling “I can wait a day what am I 5”.

… Unless you’re saying this is going to take a week. :dracthyr_cry_animated:

barely worth playing for another week, can level within a day and be bored for the rest of the week. bad change only benifits casuals, should reward people who game hard not punish them. stop helping the pet battlers!

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I dont think anyone will complain, this will give the RWF peeps an opportunity to level multiple classes without pressure of pushing first week chests / unlocks.

I think it’s good for EVERYONE.

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Yikes what an awful take in general, but have you considered reading comprehension? It’s 16 hours. You will survive.

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SMH!! no content in this expansion as expected, I guess i’ll go play new world. How can you seriously suspend these activities for an ENTIRE DAY?!@? Another greedy move by blizzard in order to make the game pay to win.##$$$$$$$$$$$$%

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You almost had me…