Remember my Teldrassil theory?

You’re arguing with me about whether or not you play both factions. That’s reason to lie. Your entire argument hinges on your neutrality (Zahirwrite pulled the very same argument, but later admitted he hates the Horde.)

You know who isn’t arguing? The website.
And I also think the disingenuous claim of “presumption” falls flat when I literally went to check your profile for proof to your claims. There’s no presumption there. That’s just fact-checking.

You do presume, a hell of a lot and very frequently, not just about me but about many other players as well.

And I’m glad to know you’re fact checking (important life skill in the real world), but you can also just… you know, not go crazy and make a huge deal about thinking that everyone talking about this game is a liar who is out to trick you, or whatever delusion you’re operating under.

My posts have pretty much always come from a neutrality stand point. I don’t say “us” or “we” when referring to factions, mainly because I choose not to identify with one or the other, but also because people like yourself get so entrenched and become hostile towards players.

I use this character as my forum posting toon because it was my guild master character around the time I started hitting the forums more frequently, and that was for visibility purposes with recruitment. So, your “MHP” denigrations are being wasted. I could easily post on my Blood Elves or Orcs or Tauren or Void Elves or Dwarves or Worgen or Night Elves or literally any other character or class I’ve leveled over the past fifteen/sixteen years.

You choose to be a jerk based on what you initially perceive, even if you can’t be sure it’s a clear picture of who you’re talking to. Pretty awful way to start a discussion with someone, if you ask me.


You’re fully infavor of denying the Forsaken their homeland. That doesn’t scream a neutral party.
That screams MHP.

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I’m fully in favor of them getting new development? Oh, how awful. A player dared to say that the Forsaken should have more than a crumbling ruin that is symbolic of their entire society being tied to a villain that will forever overshadow them.

How is that a bad thing that I want more story development and new possibilities for the Forsaken? Just because my idea for their development doesn’t coincide with your conservative, preservationist bias has absolutely no bearing on my neutrality from a faction stand point.


You keep saying this, stating that if they get their homeland back that they cannot develop. This is a black and white fallacy.

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while yall arguing on my thread give #warlockstables a bump please uwu


The Forsaken’s home is LORDAERON, not JUST the capitol city. There are a dozen places they could use that would be cooler and more easy to update. Stratholme has MORE relevance to their history and origins as it was the first place that Arthas purged.

Reclaiming that, striking diplomatic accords with the Argents over territorial claims, purging the Scourge from eastern Lordaeron, rebuking the Ebon Blade, doubling down on their pact with the Blood Elves - these are all things that could be achieved by moving the Forsaken out of the crumbling ruins of a city that was ugly and annoying to navigate.

To say that anyone suggesting ideas other than what you want is wrong or bad, or that it invalidates their opinions or neutrality, is to try and prop yourself up as the sole creative mind and owner of ‘correct’ thoughts, which is total bs.

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The Forsaken’s home is Capital City. It has been for… well, basically since Warcraft 3 ended.

Nope. They’ve definitely lived in Capital City for nearly 18 years.

So… are you saying that the Forsaken in fact “don’t” have any claim to Lordaeron as a whole? Just want to be clear because I know a lot of Alliance posters have been wondering about that for years.

Big deal if they’ve lived there. It has been Sylvanas’ domain for ages, and it would be a symbolic rebuke of her control over them to leave it behind; why crawl back into a place where she basically brainwashed them?

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No. I notice you do this a lot. Strawmanning me. If Night Elves default own alll night elf land, and it can literally never be taken from them for more than… idk, an irl month, the same is also true for the Forsaken and Lordaeron.

Their home, however, is Capital City.

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According to Dreadless, I’m a MHP and therefore am ineligible to contribute to any discussions outside of my narrow lane of shouting “FOR LORDAERON” and arguing about how the Forsaken are evil.

Sure. Whatever you wanna think.

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And you wonder why I didn’t trust you, saying stuff like this. lmao.

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AHT AHT AHT hushup, penitence for derailing my thread is bumping my warlock stables idea :V

Fair point, but I’d rather them just own up to their mistake.

“Hey guys, we screwed up. We’re gonna make it right.” is better than “Hey guys, we screwed up. We’re gonna pretend we didn’t.”


Lol @ imagining Blizzard’S creative team admitting to a narrative choice being a mistake openly

Cmon man lol


It would be a great step towards reconciling stuff while requiring nothing more complicated than a press release or series of tweets.

So simple but I think the Sha of Pride will have its way with them instead.


It’s been the status quo forever. I can’t count the number of times Blizzard tried to change warlocks, everyone rebelled, and they quietly change it back.

They’ll never admit to a mistake. Most we’ll get is a functional reversion in a patch.


They haven’t even done this much. I can’t remember who exactly said it, maybe Danuser, but in some interview a Blizz person said that the story team thinks this is the best work they’ve ever done.

The closest they’ve come is when they said that some players didn’t like the mystery of Sylvanas’ motivations, so they’re going to be clear about her plans in Shadowlands. I wouldn’t call that admitting fault, though.

It was Danuser on Twitter, “well I thought it was awesome” iirc

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I think that was him talking about the Game of Thrones episode that ruined the series. I’m referring to an interview where they were saying that they’re very proud of BfA’s story.