Relatively new player, looking for a guild, Whisperwind


Been playing for ~3 months, highest character is 111, also have a 106 and 70.
Looking for a small-medium size guild to do easy raids with. I can teach myself the raids pretty fast. I prefer not to use voice chat, but I understand that it is probably necessary for raids. I have some raiding experience from Destiny 2, but it probably is completely different in WoW. I have all the expansions, and I should get to 120 pretty soon. I play on Whisperwind.


Not to hijack your post but I am in the same boat as you haha. Dont like using VC as well but I get its pretty much a must for raids. Also looking for a guild to call home. Hope you find one Herior :slight_smile:

(Namaah) #3

Hi there! We would love to have you join our family! <From Ashes> is an alliance guild my husband and I lead on the Whisperwind/ Dentarg servers. We are a social/ casual guild with a low stress raiding environment. Most of our members are older members with children and full time jobs. Our goal is to have a guild that feels like a family, where our members actually care about one another and want to hang out. We are firm believers that real life comes first and that this is supposed to be something we enjoy, not a job. We raid Normal and Heroic only on Wed/ Sun from 8p-10p cst (raiding is NOT required to join though!), have lots of off night events scheduled (in game and out), and a pretty active discord. We try to do as much as we can together as possible whether that be fun runs/ mythic dungeons/ raids/ achievements/ etc. Here is our guild spam if you want to check it out: [A] From Ashes (Whisperwind/Dentarg) LFM

If we sound like a good fit and you would like to chat please contact me in game or add my btag: Chelusa#1974. Good luck in your guild search!