<REIN> Proudmoore (US) looking for DPS!

**1/8M & 8/8H EP LF Raiders for Mythic Progression **

<REIN> is a 2 day 8/8 Heroic Community Driven Adult progression Raid Guild. We are Looking for more Heroic/Mythic Raiders to push into Mythic. We always get our AoTC well in Time. We are a small guild that is seeking DEDICATED, skilled/competent, social, mature raiders that are interested in joining the community we are working hard to build and pursue our Heroic/Mythic raiding goals… We are recruiting patient Adult players (MUST be over 21) to fill open Raid spots for Mythic Progression. Come join a guild who is building a Heroic / Mythic Raid team with quality people who can play their toons well! We are adults who want to raid and progress at a respectable pace without having to deal with a lot of the issues that arise in other groups!

Schedule: ALL Events are 5:30- 8:30 pm PST (8:30 -11:30 pm EDT)

Uldir- 8/8N 8/8H, 4/8M
BoDA- 9/9N 9/9H 3/9M
CoS- 2/2N 2/2H
Eternal Palace- 8/8N 8/8H 1/8M

Core Team: Tuesday & Thursday

Recruitment- Core
Tank- Full
Healer- Pally, Priest, Shaman
MDPS- Warrior, DK, Monk

**What we need from you: to raid now! **
420 Minimum iLvL & 55+ pts in your Neck
90% Minimum Attendance For Core Raiders
Proper Gems & Enchants
Ability to play your class at a level appropriate for a Heroic/Mythic progression raider
30% plus average parse
Ability to take constructive criticism
Ability to perform basic raid mechanics
Be active in Discord!
Discord: With a working Microphone.

So if you’re looking for a stable/ active guild, here is what we are… 10 Year Old Guild (Same GM,) Consistent Raiding (current Content) Fair fun group of people to do things with in and out of raid! PM Me Here, in game on Unus (Unus#1433) and we can chat about the possibility of you joining our raiding community!

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If you’re looking for a new home, give us a shot.

Still have open spots, hit me up so we can chat!

come join us great guild

kill bosses and have while doing it.

Hello i am a 417 Lock i made a post on here but i can repost if needed. I am looking for a home atm. Would yall like me to post the post in here or will yall take a look :stuck_out_tongue:

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8.2 is around the corner, come bring in the new patch with our guild!

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new raid around the corner looking for dps to help become part of our team go go go !

8.2 is just around the corner. Come secure a raid spot with a good group before it drops!

Komm, schließe dich uns an

8.2 is just around the corner. Come secure a raid spot

Do you like poking things and killing them? Do you like to murder things in a friendly environment and steal their belongings? Come join us today!

We had a great start to The Eternal Palace… We have a few more spots to fill!

come raid with us kill bosses have fun !

3/8 Heroic should have at least another boss or two down tonight!

6/8 now come kill zaqul with us

still looking for dps come have fun and kill bosses in a great guild

We have a few spots still open for the right people! Come chat with me and find out what its all about!

Still looking for great players

Hey there. I’m a decent shadow priest looking to tryout. 424 ilvl. 58 neck lvl. Can play both shadow priest and holy priest pretty well.