Recruiting Mythic Raiders for 9.2!

Gabagool - Dalaran [H]

About Us
We are a skilled group of raiders who always achieve 10/10H (AotC) early but usually lack the roster for getting into mythic right away. We usually end up relying on PUGs/Trials for mythic prog which ends up spotty and generally fails prog.

We are trying to break the mold with 9.2 and get into mythic as soon as we can, and recruiting a solid core is how we plan on achieving that goal. So far, we have acquired more mythic raiders and players with past CE experience and are looking to keep building on that

Progression (SoD)
3/10 M
10/10 H

Took a break around mid-November due to roster issues. Looking to recruit early for 9.2 to find the right people to push harder in the upcoming tier.

Although we are on a hiatus from mythic, we still go into heroic SoD weekly to trial new players and to gear up some alts.

Open Recruitment
Anyone who is willing to commit to a team, work together and learn together to progress through the raid together

Ranged DPS is preferred at the moment but still could use a dedicated DH

Raid Hours
Tues, Wed 8-10pm EST
Potential to extend to 10:30-11pm depending

We feel shorter raid times leads to greater success and longevity of the group.

Funke/Funkeoto (Recruitment Officer)
Battlenet: funkeoto:1171
Discord: funkeoto#8862 - Preferred

Griff (Guild Master)
Battlenet: Griff#11114
Discord: Griff1080