Looking for raiding guild [H] Tichondrius

Hello I’m currently looking for a guild to start raiding with in 9.2 . I have experience with high level raiding as tank healer and dps and have achieved cutting edge in 8.3 with a former guild as an officer that has since disbanded , I currently have not raided in shadowlands but have multiple toons 240 - 252 I level and 2k io and looking for an opportunity to get back into the raiding scene

My availability for raid times seems to be my pain point as I can raid any weekday and most weekends but with a cutoff of 10pm server

List of current toons and roles I have available are:

Resto/ele shaman 250
Hunter any spec 250
Warrior any spec 238
Blood/unholy dk 240
Druid any spec 245
Rogue any spec 249
Paladin Prot 242

I also have mage , monk, dh, priest, all at level cap (every class but warlock) at around 200 I level and I am not dedicated to any spec or role I can play at a decently high level for any class/ role and can adjust to fit whatever the guild may need , overall I am tired of playing the game by myself and looking for a group of friends to run some raids with and m+ let me know if I can find a home with you ! Thanks!!

hey greyhall, we’re on Tich, currently 9/10M pushing M sylvanas. We raid 6pm-9 Pacific, which looks like it aligns well with your schedule :slight_smile: you can message me on discord at derp#9197 for more info!

Awesome and thank you for reaching out ! I will send you a message this evening !

heyoo, not on Tich but still wanna give it a shot. Recruiting Mythic Raiders for 9.2! let me know what you think! discord is best way to contact me