Recruit a Friend issues

Hi there, this is my first time posting as things usually run a bit smoother, however i sent a recruit a friend link to a mate who has a battle net account as he plays destiny but hes never played wow, he followed the link provided and logged into his battle net account and took him to the main page, however that seemed to be it, we cant seem to get any of the RAF bonuses like extra XP or the summon ability. we then used a 10 minute mail to make a brand new account that is unrelated to his old battle net account and we had the exact same problem. if you could advise on what to do i would very much appreciate it

Hello Mkultracow!

I took a look at Recruit-a-Friend invites sent recently, and while I do see several generated in the past 24 hours, none of them have been activated yet. Your friend should be able to accept a Recruit-a-Friend link even if they’ve created their account already, but if they are having issues doing so, it will probably be easiest to investigate if we can speak to you (or them) directly, one-on-one.

Please submit a ticket through the support site, and a game master will be able to review things in more detail than we can on a public forum :slight_smile:

Recruit-a-Friend > Accounts Not Linked

Best of luck in your adventures!

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