Recruit A Friend Has Been Updated

The chipotle up the street pays $19/hr to anyone that wants to work. That is 13 hours of work. Oh no. Not that.

If you aren’t 12 … this isn’t a lot of money.

Sub price never kept up with inflation. it should be nearly $24 a month

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When your competitors are charging 50-70 a game you can’t be surprised when they balk at your $251.00 game

If you aren’t 12 … this isn’t a hard concept


Hey buddy, it may be “cheap” for you and worth it. My friend says it’s cheap for them and they don’t want to play because it still feels like a scam to pay that amount. Sorry to burst your bubble.


$50-$70 game you’ll get 20 hours out of … tops. Wow … you can play literal days … by the end of vanilla wow, i had 200 DAYS … played. Show me another that gives you that much value…


You’re almost expected to buy the xpac. C’mon. What are you gonna do at 60? Farming reps and one shotting old raids forever rotting because you refuse to buy it while your friends or guild is playing the end game stuff?


you just tackled on a rediculous amount of things for no reason. point is invalid because its only $15 a month and $50 for the recent expansion. You can easily just make a new character with how fast leveling is so kinda weird you are gonna say it costs to change servers or factions. You can also play cross faction so race change isnt a necessity and cross realm isnt that important with LFG postings. You dont have to pay for a full year as well you could pay as you go… 3 months here a month there. not a big deal to let a sub runout. If you are actively playing the game (8 hours a week, not that much for some) you can easily get enough gold for a WoW token that lets you play for free every other month.


you are comparing a basic game with little content to an MMO. you need to learn how to give a good argument

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Learn to read. I said I like the game and that’s why I pay to play. Otherwise I wouldn’t. I feel like it’s too expensive because the fun I get from the game is worth it to me at least.

I say my friends are not interested at all because of the price. No amount of mental gymnastics will convince those multiple friends that it’s worth it. For them, it is NOT worth it and it feels like a scam


So what you are suggesting is the people out there doing blizzard’s recruiting don’t want ANY rewards for convincing someone to come back? We are just here to do charity work for Blizzard? Of course the only reason anyone would do this is to get the rewards for keeping your friend subscribed for up to a year…

Don’t be silly and try to convince everyone its only base game and 1 months sub time they are fishing for out of this MLM scheme

people actually like classic because it was their favorite expansions or they missed their opportunity. Retail and classic both have huge play times. Kinda weird to try and shame someone for liking classic when you only play retail.

For a brand new player (who is by the way the target audience here) why on earth would they buy the expansion? You need a level 60 before you can even utilize it which will take a new casual player (1-2 hours a day) WEEKS to get to.

If I want to play WoW and play 121 minutes and don’t like it I am out $15. If I want to play Elden Ring (just won GotY so sort of a random example) and don’t like it after 121 minutes I am out $70 as Steam and most other platforms deny refunds after 2 hours of launching the game.


Good change ~ sad for me though since I can’t make enough gold and have no friends really to recruit per se. But good change IMO. [I’m not forking out RL money lol]

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Wtf does that have to do with anything? I’m done with you. It’s like talking to a rock. Pointless.


“Okay sure buddy you want to play with me right? You’re done lvling to 60?”

“I forgot to tell you… you have to buy the xpac if you want to play with me down the line”


Oh boy they are STILL less than the box price of a new game ($15+$50 is still less than $70) and have 12 hours under their belt to simply say “no” to that transaction.

If I could only play a new game for 12 hours for $15 (almost half of most games since average game length is ~30 hours) and buy the rest after that point I would do so in a heartbeat for EVERY game. The amount of games rotting in my Steam lobby are quite high because I simply don’t get around to playing them.

dude. you name yourself fox in your own guild foxy… i dont need to go into your weirdness, but to call this an mlm scheme is kinda sad. You get rewarded if you have a friend play the game. No one is holding a gun to their head. They try the game and like it rewards are given out. They want to quit, not a big deal. It sounds like you don’t have the ability to get these rewards and that is why you are calling it an “mlm scheme.”

Nothing wrong with getting rewards for playing the game with friends. ( and you get game time so it becomes cheaper :o )

Try convincing them.

that’s the whole point here. No matter the mental gymnastics to say it’s cheap blablabla, some people are just not willing to pay the recurring cost of sub + xpacs. Sorry. This game feels expensive to new players wether you like it or not.


yea you are a rock at this point, normal for an MMO to charge for the recent expansion. whats even crazier is that you could play the game for free if you get gold in it and buy WoW tokens :o

"im down talking to pebble, just pointless when they dont understand the difference between an mmo and a generic game with little play time.?

Again, you are so very right I will have a better chance convincing them to play a $70 box price game. Ooo how about a “free-to-play” game like League? Oh you want to play that character? That’ll be $10 each and there are 150 something. Don’t worry you can earn enough for one of them in like 2 weeks, but have fun playing Annie in the meantime okay?

I did have a better chance because they’re paying once for the game or it’s free. My friend is even willing to play runescape because it’s just the sub, no xpacs.
Source: we play league and we bought full priced games together.

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