Recruit A Friend Has Been Updated

Recruit A Friend Has Been Updated

Bring your friends to Azeroth and earn special rewards with the Recruit A Friend program, updated for Dragonflight.

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UPDATE: New in Dragonflight, you can now recruit returning players who have not had active game time on their account for the past year (was two years).

That’s the new bit.


The armor set is definitely worth it.


AH! jokes on you i got no friends! :wink:


Me either so I just recruited my husband!


Oof, guess they really messed up with SL, can’t even get the numbers back they hoped for with all this twitch nonsense. It really is driving the devs nuts they cant get warcraft to trend on twitter.


wow is a bit old and tired. its pretty much the same cycle repeating over and over again.

doesnt have the same magic to it. gettign new or returning players is getting rougher and rougher probably.

theyre stuck with the old addicts.


I was able to wrangle a good amount of lapsed and new players for Dragonflight. That being said, if I wasn’t casting the line, they wouldn’t have been caught. I think Shadowlands burnt a lot of those fellow WoW ambassadors that would strongarm their friends into new expansions.


There’s no chance I can recruit friends into this game sadly. No one is willing to pay that much and they all say the graphics are awful. Others said the game was just boring, simple as that.

I’ve tried.


It barely costs more than a value meal at mcdonalds.


Never heard of any value meals costing over 60$. You have to sub, then you have to buy the xpac. If you play for a few years you buy the new xpac as well.

Crap argument.


Take a husband and some kids out to dinner sometime. Load up a cart at costco, lemme know how much that costs.

This game is cheap as dirt.

Brb, gotta fill up my truck … aka $120


Counterpoint: Having a wife and bunch of kids is expensive.


Tell me people didn’t believe “we have changed!” Without telling me.

People aren’t going to get you trending after you’ve lied so many times blizzard, looks like you actually gotta put out a quality product this time, gorsh dang it right?


I’ll repeat it again for you.

Your argument is crap. You may say all this, yet some people are not willing to pay the price. They feel like it’s not worth it and it’s too expensive upfront when they can play other MMOs or other games for cheaper. They think about investing time into the game, and they imagine the cost a few years down the line and it scares them. This game is not that attractive because of this business model. You think it’s okay, because you love wow and you’re conditioned to think it’s okay. New players don’t think the same way you do, sorry.

Also, that amount of money may not be that big, yet you try convincing those people that it’s not that much. They’ll laugh at you pretty hard.


Oh right, i forgot all about how much value the P2W trash mmo’s soaking the market provide.

Wow was a much better game and community before they sold out, added some measure of f2p, and the awful tokens.


I like how people will criticize a game and say it is too expensive. Sure a subscription game is expensive but also buying a new game is expensive. You can play a free to play game if you do not want to spend any money and that is fine for you. To say WoW is expensive is kinda sad seeing how the main other MMO is FF and you have to pay the same price of $15/month. Both offer a couple dollars off per month if you buy their long term deals 6months/1 year.

Marie if you hate WoW you can just say it outright but like this game is not expensive for the actual product you receive.


The game is $15/mo until level 60. That is incredibly cheap compared to AAA games you spend $70 on and maybe get a month out of it.

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$49.99 Expansion
$15.00 To play
$15.00-30.00 (if its an old account that needs server or faction transfer or both)

It could cost a returning player up to $95.00 to play and EVEN MORE if your friendo that referred you wants any of the goodies that come from the Refer bonus system ($156.00 for a year sub to get all those)

$251.00 is a HEAVY HEAVY price to try and convince one of your friends to buy FOR ONE GAME. You could almost get a nintendo switch for that (probably can on ebay with a few games)


No, it’s called being reasonable.

WoW started greedy, they’ll end greedy. Sub + Buy. It started out great and loads of people were and are still willing to play the price. Even I still feel conflicted about paying for this game even though I have fun. You say it’s cheap as dirt, I totally disagree. No other games made me pay that much money. It’s not like I have a choice either if I want to play.

They added a shop too for the triple dip. Profits have to be much higher years after years so you can expect it to be much worse down the line.