Reckoning after 2nd “Hotfix” still BROKEN

So when is the service being added to move all my gear over to a warrior since my paladin was effectively neutered with these changes that should have been ironed out during beta?


exactly. This is hardly a fix. It’s still basically unusable.


I would love to see a Blue’s response to see if the intent of Reckoning was for it to be like combo points where you lose it if you swap targets, among its other behaviors. We get a response of “it’s like this in the reference client,” but we as consumers and as dedicated and avid gamers can’t see what you see. We can’t see the hard data of the copy of the game that you have, we only have evidence of very old videos found throughout the internet, some which contradict some of the mechanics behind this talent.

/Please/ explain it to us so we can understand how it is suppose to behave, the do’s and don’ts, so we as a community and you as a company can move forward from this. It’s not just PvP that this affects, its also paladin trying to prove to people that it’s possible to have a paladin tank, but its difficult to see its true potential with a talent that is still seeming to behave incorrectly.


The current reckoning mechanic is not true to vanilla and the “fix” has left it even worse off than before. It is an extra attack, not a swing timer reset. A lot of people in the paladin community are frustrated that threads are being locked and posts being hidden without very much communication from Blizzard on the matter.


Judgement starts your auto-attack. The second change which blizz has identified as “not a bug” is

Reckoning stacks are lost when you initiate an auto-attack against a target and cancel it before it goes off.

Do you lose stacks if you just target something else and do nothing to it, then target your original target?

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Hi All,

I wanted to take a moment to provide some clarification around what changed in 1.13.3 with Reckoning. There were several systemic issues with extra attack procs behaving incorrectly, which we fixed in the patch. A secondary effect of these fixes were two notable changes to Reckoning:

  1. Reckoning stacks are lost when you mount up.
  2. Reckoning stacks are lost when you initiate an auto-attack against a target and cancel it before it goes off.

However, both of these behaviors were correct behaviors in the 1.12 reference client and as such are considered bug fixes. Both of these issues have been added to the “Not A Bug” list.

Additionally, when investigating the reports around this, we did discover another bug where Paladins will lose stacks of Reckoning if they are not facing their target or are out of range to attack the target when the Reckoning stacks are gained. This is not consistent with Reference client behavior, we have a fix for this now, and it should be fully live the next time we have realm restarts.


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The hotfix described above is now live in this region, and will be applied during maintenance in other regions with their maintenance.

  • Paladins should no longer lose stacks of Reckoning if they are not facing their target or are out of range to attack the target when the Reckoning stacks are gained.

it’s especially frustrating because it worked fine before the patch. We had a work around that fixed the issues but it turns out that work around could be abused by other classes to basically get windfury.

It only worked ‘fine’ before that patch abusing in game bugs.


Hey guys, I did some testing. I dueled with a rogue out in the world.


  • auto attack on, facing wrong way, turn around and bomb

  • auto attack on, dueling partner will crit me while I’m focusing a mob, I can bomb the mob

  • stack charges, auto OFF, rogue vanish, appear, bomb

  • standing at range with auto off, stack charges, turn on auto attack, walk over and bomb


  • auto attack on, dueling partner will crit me while I’m focusing a mob, turn off auto, NO bomb on him

  • stack charges, toggle on, toggle off, NO bomb

  • stack charges, auto on, rogue vanish, appear, NO bomb


Your reckoning stacks seem to be locked to the person you’re focusing while your auto attack is on. You will lose all of your charges if you turn off your auto or change targets.


You can sometimes get double hits when trading blows with a target.
The extra attack seems to depend on your Swing time.
If your swing time is less than 75% finished, you will perform a hastened attack (reset auto)
If your swing is almost complete then you will perform an extra attack.


Another known issue that I haven’t tested yet since the hot fix was not being able to gain stacks while stunned, feared, loseing control of your character, have you tested this?

This is really sad.

Not only are we forced into Holy for PvE, but now with changes like these you further reduce our potential in PvP.

I’ve played since vanilla beta all the way thru to WotLK and Reckoning NEVER worked like this. You stacked it, and unloaded on the target of your choosing. All this other stuff you the devs are coming up with as “fixes” are really ineffective.

It seems they never got Reckoning right anyway. In vanilla it did NOT reset your swing timer. You simply stacked and then unloaded.


bliz pls fix


Nothing was more gratifying back for me back in 2006 than making a /point macro on some warlock who does nothing ,but chain cast fear on people, jumping into a sea of horde, /point’ing at the warlock in the back, killing the warlock, then DI’ing the closest ally so that the horde don’t even get a HK off of me.

Please fix reckoning to a usable state. Such a fun spec that is now ruined into the ground.

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I have been in BGs all night testing out Reckoning in different ways. My conclusion is that it’s totally useless now, saying it’s inconsistent doesn’t begin to describe what results I’m seeing. I only played Classic WoW for the paladin class as that was what I was all those years back. All my gear time and effort went into this specific build, to change this now MONTHS in is a slap in the face. I’m holding out for an update to this…


The current fix is definitely not the accurate state of vanilla reckoning, and I agree it is way too inconsistent right now. The switching targets dropping stacks issue cannot possibly be accurate. This has really zapped my motivation to play Classic in general after having so much fun learning this playstyle for months as a break from endless flash of lighting in raids, only to have it changed right as BGs are released.




Was just farming in felwood, in a scenario where i was doing nothing but fighting one mob 1v1 and doing nothing but auto attacks reckoning would “proc” and it would do absolutely nothing. Didn’t even reset my swing timer or give a faster swing. Just did NOTHING. Then 3 horde tried to gank me and even though i kept a warlock targeted the entire time while a shaman and warrior fed me procs i got 0 extra hits on the target. I never switched targets or stopped my auto attack and i still got nothing.

It just plain doesn’t work 90% of the time. The only scenario it seems to work for w/e reason in is duels. Oh and i am not using any sort of weird /stopattack macro either. As i said on mobs i wasn’t even pressing anything and it was auto attacks and on the warlock i was only pressing judgement.

Was rewatching my recording to upload a clip and hand of justice doesn’t seem to work either.


I spent more time playing last night and found the same issue. I don’t understand what they are using to test functionality but it’s not working.

I see several reckoning stack on my combat log that are not being utilized. Especially when it’s a messy battle with lots of spells being thrown around. I turned on sticky targeting and removed bindings to that would turn off my auto attack and I still walk up to my target and swing once. At this point I can’t even pinpoint the scenarios as there are simply too many to test.

In fact even the swing timer reset seems to not work. Which is fine by me as long as I keep my stacks.

I’ve spent a couple of days in AV since the hot fix and I can’t get consistency with reckoning either. Nothing makes sense. I’ve been in isolated 1v1’s with auto-attack active the whole time and no procs from crits. Other times I’m in auto-attack with a rogue, change targets to a clothy and BOOM!

Players have to be able to gauge their abilities. Perform actions with reasonable expectation of result. Reckoning simply fails at this.

I would at least ask the dev team to revert reckoning to how it was Pre-BG until a bug proof fix is found. Right now fun levels are at a record low.


Reckoning feels really off.

Why are my charges locked to the person I’m targeting. Switching targets is usual business in pvp, so we need to choose to be on the wrong target to bomb or switch and lose all of our stacks.

When a mage ice blocks… do we just stand there? If we change targets we lose stacks

Even in 1v1 situations this doesn’t make a lot of sense. If a hunter charges me, i get to him right click and he feigns death - we lose all our charges. If a rogue stunlocks us, we right click or have auto on but he vanishes - we lose all stacks.

IIt should be - get crit, I get a charge, then I choose a target. Stacks shouldn’t go away until I bomb and shouldn’t be locked to my current target.