Recent DDoS Attacks Impacting Game Service

(Kaivax) #1

Fix Mankrik! Sheesh!
2 hours and still zero word from Blizzard
If You're Stuck at "Character Not Found," Try Support, Move Stuck Character

Go Blizzard go!


How do you plan on stopping this?


Blizzard when you find this guy make sure to double tap.


Love the cliffhanger finish…


More likely Blizz is in contact with the ISP providers to mitigate the incoming signals from the bot army. They might also be getting in touch with the UK Law enforcement as it seems that’s where the attackers are. I see Blizz has been changing the web addresses of the servers, but that has only worked until the attackers found the new addresses.


Click the down arrow in the upper right corner to see the whole message.


Thank you guys so much for working diligently on this issue. I have faith that you guys can resolve this. :grinning:


this is some bulldookie knawmean

blizzard is blatantly doing this and claiming its a ddoser

they are probably hotfixing glitches and stuff but aren’t man enough to just tell us they need downtime to fix thangs


They just tweeted that they are going to continue, and they have other people making requests of what to DDoS next.


Unironically the worst punishment Blizzard could enforce on these fools is to make sure they’re turned over to Jeff Bezos.

They went after Twitch. You do not threaten Amazon’s bottom line at any time, for any reason, without ol’ Jeffy deciding to make you his personal dongsleeve as retaliation. UKDrillas will be lucky to end up in Guantanamo by comparison to what Amazon will do.


Once it crosses state lines, it becomes federal. If this joke collaterally effects the federal government at all, it is pretty serious. Terrorism scale. Guantanamo Bay vicinity.


Find this sh!thead and get him arrested


When caught…
Impaled upon the Spires of Orgrimmar!!!


except they aren’t in any state


We appreciate the update!

I may not have total faith in all of your decision making lately but I am confident you will get this resolved for us.

Thanks for your efforts it is noticed.


It’s probably not a good idea for Blizzard to publicly list all the things they’re doing to stop this.


i highly doubt they are in the UK, or that the profile picture is really him.

come on man

(Aryxymaraki) #20

Thanks for the update, Kaivax! Spiritual coffee to the netops crew.


Like we dont have enough problems with Queue’s, some dirtbag scumfukbucket wants to ddos. GG loser