Recent DDoS Attacks Impacting Game Service


Imagine being this oblivious/ignorant. Look at the lake Lennie…

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And are we going to get a time credit for this? Plenty of folks like myself only play on the weekend and also only re subbed for classic.

There was not even a ETA given out of courtesy so that people would not lose precious time out of the day waiting for the servers to come back up, it took hours.


Why would anyone do this? I’ve heard nothing but good things about this game (outside these forums), it looked like everyone was generally happy about Classic WoW.


You really are some kind of stupid… There some kid on Twitter bragging he’s doing it…


Yall remember that scene from True Detective season 1, where Rustin Cohle describes what the cartel he was in, undercover, would do to people that got caught? Too harsh?


Got any evidence there, chief?


More than likely all the affected companies will send reports to the authorities with estimated losses of income, and included logs of the attacks. Then it’ll go through the courts to create a warrant (or equivalent for the UK) for the arrest of culprits. So it really is like people have been saying. A little bit of fame for jail time.


I’ll quote myself from another post.

You’re not getting any free time although you can keep complaining and trying to justify it. Do you get a free flight when all flights are grounded due to weather? NOPE! Its out the airport/airliners control, and although your ‘service’ wasn’t provided, you’re simply SOL.


So I can get into the character select screen but the world won’t load.


So what’s the deal? Is some kid getting ganked in STV and this is how he gets back at his ganker?


I don’t know why…

… but this sounds like something a citizen would ask Superman.


Ill never understand why people do this but hes bragging on his twitter… Please blizzard shut this kid down!
And for any other players upset by this lets come up with a way to get this kid either shut down or spammed out of the internet.


Well it is obviously a diversion of sorts to something larger, or exactly what it is, A lil boy or girl with built anger issues and has I hate my mommy/daddy entitlement issue.

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How does a multi-billion dollar company lose to a neckbeard DDoSer? Very frustrating to be 3/4 of the way thru a dungeon and this happens.

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You are not a blizzard rep so you are talking out of your backside.

Blizzard back in the past when Vanilla was current, regularly credited their subscribers game time for THEIR server issues. This is THEIR issue, it sucks that they were DDoS but it is still their issue and not mine as a paying customer - my time deserves compensation.


a billionaire company cannot own a twitter oh my

you are challenged lol


The tweet is not from the actual person doing this.


Just lol at not understanding what a DDOS is in 2019.


i got free miles the last time i was delayed more than a day.


I think its more about attacking popular streamers to get notoriety, and while their at it, take down as much of whatever service their targeting at the time as they can.