Recent Actions Against Exploitative Accounts – September 2023

How many of these were due to actions in Classic Era?

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Please provide some further details…

I can say that 15% of players in AV grinding honor are bots, it’s so obvious…

I’d love to see those accounts with a high rank banned


Really hoping to get a definitive answer but do this bans cover retail exploits as well?

I see a lot of confusion when these numbers are posted.

i have farmed quadruple that amount of honor from the bots lol

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That doesn’t affect them though.

The program you kill is just like “Hmm… I’m dead. Guess I’ll revive.” Then they revive, over and over and over!

You’re fighting skynet now Gnome, good luck!

Last months posts specifies classic era accounts if that is any evidence

They definetly slowed waaaaay down so either we forced them underground or they actually just banned a ton of the bots that were farming Dire maul.

It went from so many that you couldn’t kill em all solo to 1 every 5 mins now. if you’re lucky you will get a steam of 2-3 at the same time and stack their bodies to kill them when they rez

Yet somehow, they missed the two fishing bots I report almost daily in the Borean tundra. One level 10 fishing bot has been there since May, fishing for 15-20 hours a day. (Whitemane)


Don’t they already have AI tracking accounts that violate the rules like botting and send it to the Devs to review and apply actions?

Blizzard is garbage. That is all.


Every time I make a new character I farm a bunch of instances starting at deadmines through BC to farm cloth (bandaids) and/or mats for whatever profs they have. Getting blue drops that twinks use doesn’t hurt either.

There is a big difference between how those that use the one’s and zero’s play VS how real humans play. Its easy to detect and I have a very high success rate on detecting them.

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How would one measure the health of an economy in WoW?

Would you be so kind as to provide some methods for determining this, some figures (current versus proposed numbers, for example), ways to verify, as well as an explanation as to why that makes sense?

Have been reporting heaps of the Stratholme, fly-hackers on Arugal in the last week or so. Blizzard sends me mail thanking me and noting the reports led to actions.
The problem is my reports are like a few grains of sand on a beach. The sheer numbers of hackers and bots is crazy considering Arugal is a dead server. 10-15 real players and hundreds or maybe thousands of bots.

Not sure why the Blizzard employees have to wait for my report on each player to assess it. While they log on to check it out, they surely can see the 5-15 players streaming in and out of a tree every minute and the bots with names like “fyhjjtq” in Stratholme. Bleeding obvious.

And if they closed the free transfer to Whitemane, the bot and hacking problem would disappear instantly.

Hey great.

Can you relay to management that unless botters are detected and perma banned within 24 hours these ban waves are ultimately meaningless?

Also, tell them to start perma banna gold buyers, since they are empowering and fueling the rampant botters.

Just in case whoever the anti-cheat skeleton crew reports to is ignorant or forgot, WoW is in the same boat as Lost Ark with gold farming botters killing the game.

pcgamer /lost-ark-is-banning-over-a-million-accounts-for-using-bots/

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A few days, a few weeks, a few months, a few years. It depends on how obvious they are about exploiting. If they’re botting to farm gold, they most likely won’t get banned for at least 6 months. If they’re fly hacking, I’d say they have 3 weeks before getting banned. Some people’ve been botting for years and haven’t gotten banned. It depends on how many people report them, how active Blizzard is at checking those reports rather than relying on their automated program, and how much the person exploits the game. It’s a complicated subject to talk about. There are some obvious things Blizzard could do to help but as we’ve all known for years, they don’t do those things. Even if they ban them, they just resubscribe with a new account, use a bot to level to 60 again, and start over. Or they just buy the level 60 boost and earn the $60 back in a day of botting.

Perfectly natural activity. I tend to do 23 hours per day fishing 7 days a week don’t know about you.

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Is curious. Is there not this Warden software on every computer that has WoW installed that is set up to detect malicious type software being used in the game? Or is that no longer a thing?

no. stop making stupid names :expressionless:

It probably doesn’t even work anymore.