Recent Actions Against Exploitative Accounts – August 2023

you ansered it yourself before. the sharholders like seeing these numbers and the shareholders are whare blizz makes there money not us. you answered your own question brainiac lol. supposed actions countering cheating ect are always big with sharholders and the general playerbase like you that doesnt really look into things or think about it much. this would meant here banning almost a million accounts every 1/4 aint no way dude lol

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I’m not surprised in the least, tbh.

Blizz tried that.

It led to a huge spike in account thefts.

They determined that the cure was worse than the disease.

Not sure if joking, but, you people at blizzard do realize there’s an in-game language filter, right? Curious, what’s the point of it if you’re just going to take action against accounts for language? Is everyone really SO soft, that they need you to intervene for… WORDS?

Edit: Also, I call BS on banning cheaters. They’re so rampant in wotlk classic it’s not even funny, and THAT doesn’t even include GDKPs(which should also be considered cheating with all the botted and illegally purchased gold). All the lies.

When? Account thefts happen whether Blizz bans RMT buying accounts or not…


Language violations are more likely based on in-game harassment than random words or swearing. Without being able to see a player to right-click report, the reporting options are super limited, so you’ll often have ‘inappropriate language’ and ‘inappropriate name’ be what you’re reporting for cause its all you have to work with in the system.

Especially noticeable when you’re trying to report flyhacking or floorclipping.

I saw a couple of multiboxers, software multiboxers in HC just around the time this was posted. I dont see them anymore. This might have something to do with that. Woulda been so funny to have seen that multiboxer get to like level 40 or 50 ish and then group wipe. Guilds don’t want them so you pretty much got to support yourself. And I kinda think this thread was made in regards to the few that I saw.

wrong, they just don’t at ll prioritize stopping botting / RMT.

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So, to be clear, you are of the opinion that Blizzard is flat-out lying, and has been doing so for however long they have been sharing numbers, and has yet to be exposed?

Is that a fair assessment of what you’re stating?

I mean for yeeeearss and years they would do huge ban waves every 6 months or so and then have a gigantic sale just after so… Is it really that hard to believe?

Hmm… :thinking:

Well, over the past couple of years, there seem to have been some Activision Blizzard employees who were angry at their employer, and spoke out.

Heck, we’ve heard about breast milk being stolen from employee refrigerators, and yet we have forum posters claiming that they are fabricating numbers on public forums for years, and there hasn’t been a single disgruntled employee speaking out about it?

Or even not a disgruntled employee, just an honest person who likes the game, and likes truth…

Call me a skeptic.



NDA’s could explain all of that. And in todays society, that is a pretty sure bet against speaking out.

I do not know or have proof of the numbers Blizzard is claiming are real or not. However, considering people have used and still use MMO’s to generate their income by gold selling, account selling, or item selling, this should hardly be a shocker to anyone who has played the games. I tend to believe, for there is no gain for them to lie. Folk are still going to scream, throw tantrums, and unsub, then come back.

That is the way.

Eh? NDAs are pretty hard to enforce, but sure I suppose that it could mean not getting severance, etc. but that doesn’t explain ANYTHING actually.

There’s no way that someone wouldn’t have leaked data if Blizzard is actively lying to its playerbase, even anonymously. And more, the assumption that Blizzard is actively lying is also assuming that those who are participating in it are as well. How long do you think any reasonable person would keep a job that involved lying to the public about something they deeply care about?

I just find it to be an incredibly short-sighted, and unfounded claim for which zero evidence has been offered. Therefore, it’s something I write off as being silly.


That is all I can say about that response, since I am not of the mind to get banned again today.

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yes game devs do so CONSTANTLY dude where have you been? the investors eont look into it and some nobody low lvl hunter like you will try and jsutify it so yes that is what im saying. If companys can get away with lying and it could make them money they ALWAYS will there no saints and do not have our best intrests in mind its not some hot take to say my guy lol

even that took DACADES to actauly get brought to light my guy you think they are going to go agenst there employer for somthing so much more petty then ban waves when they get away with full on company wide sa your logics in a spot to confirm what you walready believ not on what you own points look too lol. you hunters really use both your braincells and still cant get a point out my god must be taken up by aimed shot and kill command

Do I think that someone from Blizzard would have leaked evidence of Blizzard lying about banning bots over the past 20 years or so of them claiming to do so, and it would have been published in some online gaming magazine, if that was something that has been happening?

I sure do.

Do I think that people on the forums who make radical claims, then start resorting to all sorts of ad-hominem when asked questions about their claims are incredibly trustworthy people whose every post should be taken as fact?

I do not.


Saying f they didnt report the actauly practice that causes someone IRL They probably would’nt report a vaugly anti company practace at worst is far from a radical claim its a factaul and varafiable one nor is it ad-hominem please learn what debate terms mean if your going to act like some master debaiter. theres a proven track record of phonyness from blizzard and there has been for DECADES this isnt some tin foil hat thoery theyve faced lawsuits for this stuff man your so far in la la land its obsurd you gotta be trolling

I don’t think they are lying, they are patting themselves on the back. The problem is that this number also includes any who were wrongfully banned which showcases that everyone is just a number. Make no mistake, you are not a “loyal” customer, if you don’t have massive influence, you are forgettable. These numbers to me represent a slap in the face - we as fans, players, and loyal customers have no advocacy. I’m a RN, when you work to get your nursing license, one thing you really learn about is advocating for your patients - well Blizzard has no one advocating for those of us wrongfully banned.

Also for the record, botting needs to be shut down with an aggressive hard stance, so I completely understand their aggressive behavior at targeting bots with casting nets large enough to cause collateral damage, but I am against doing so while at the same time removing any form of customer service and having no integrity for ensuring diligence is done to validate bans. GM’s are over-loaded in calls, especially after ban waves, to think they have the time to thoroughly investigate is laughable. I would love to know what percent of that number are necessary bans and how many were loyal players. But there is no way this number broadcasted has been filtered.

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