Recent Actions Against Exploitative Accounts – August 2023

So, how does lying about how many accounts are banned generate money?

Make it make sense.

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It’s one indicator for me. In addition with a few others you can be sure and that’s usually just conclusions from watching their abhorrent movement patterns.

This number is also worldwide accounts, not just US accounts and probably across all the games, except Era where they don’t ban anyone.


A friend of mine got a 6 month ban and did nothing wrong, he was farming gear in a dungeon and said he was bottling. He was not. You wouldn’t even talk to or listen to what he had to say. Another one got the same ban, he was doing a difficult quest which took him through several different dungeons, luckily he took pictures of what he was doing for the quest and sent to Blizzard and he got his account back. So at least listen to people, not all of them are wrong.

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:rofl: :joy: Does anyone actually believe this?

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I can believe the number. I can explain why.

Those of you who have been around and informing Blizzard of Bots, hacks, and other trouble… I have seen numerous reports on this.
Think of it like the “Your car warranty is about to expire” phone calls. No matter how many times you get them, block them, they still come in.
I have heard that people get paid to make the bots and run them, so if it is someone’s livelihood, they are probably trying over and over so as to keep a job.

Ok, with that said, back to the reports you guys submit on a daily basis concerning bots, hacks, and GDKP. It is a daily rant on these forums, multiple rants. Blizzard did not respond personally, but they posted this, so for us to sit here in our chambers and dispute the numbers is childish and petty.

I said what I said.

Strangehunt is usually antagonistic but he’s right, here. Playing on a small server you know when bots get banned and I can tell you, they got banned. They’re also back and boosting new mages through dungeons alreadt. To us, it ruins our game and economy, to botters, its just 10 hours of boosting and they’re back to making money.

Banning them quicker or getting rid of free xfers from smaller realms/clusters would help us smaller realms/clusters though. Everyone in the community knows each other, and social exclusion is a pretty strong tool at stopping gold buying. We know they’re xferring off with Remulos’ materials to RMT on Mankrik/Whitemane.

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Watching the same guy who’s been AFK botting AV for weeks still in AV

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lol imagine banning someone because they said a “cuss” word… yikes


I mean chat is still going hard for “Wts Strat boost” and 99% of those are fly hacks.

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I suspect the numbers are mostly wrath bots that farm the dungeons “Botanica” and a couple others. As for Era I have not been out to look so I cant comment.

People literally drop thousands of dollars to get digital equipment for characters on a game thats 20 years old.

They will never defeat bots.

Until they put 24 hour lockout on regular dungeons in classic era

They been conditioning you all since WC2

Glittering Prizes!!

They’ve literally been making these posts for 15 years dude…

No improvement in actual in-game experience.
Still full of bots and RMTers.

What a joke.

“I play a sub-par bot. Please don’t ban me.”

There are over 7 friends of mine got banned permanent, some of them did not log in the game over half year. And our team is dissolved cause of that.

I am sure it is around “language” that is threatening, harmful, and racist, etc.

fly hacker that tried to boost my buddy in Strath got a 6 month ban.

You get a full week silence for making a joe biden joke.

seems about right


And this is the generation of gaming we have today…

These folk would not have lasted back in 2004. It was wide open, Barrens chat was infamous. Then again, voice chat was where it was at back in those days, and Blizzard could not police that.

I am old and set in my ways. I already experienced this new generation in Vanilla. Thank God the experience was short lived. Running solo mio has its advantages.

1000% they do NOT do it monthly. They do it once every 6 months and mysteriously have a flash sale just after.

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