Reawakening: Earthen Ring

From time to time I have been checking in on the forum thread titled “#mergeEarthenRing:desktop_computer:

There are so many people desiring to see Earthen Ring recover her population and the reawakening of her sleeping Role Play heart. Once upon a time, Role Play was her lifeblood. But anyone who still remains can not deny the terrible fallout and split that the community faced around 2012. It caused so many of our greatest members and cast to take to the wind and migrate to other realms-leaving Earthen Ring deeply comatose.

We/I can not speak for the Alliance on this topic because We/I feel that the Alliance still has a slither of Role Play still in its veins but We/I will speak for the Horde because whenever 'I’am on Earthen Ring -I can hear the silent wind moaning through the Cleft of Shadows and howling like a sad wolf against the barren rocks, It used to not be like that. The taverns use to be full of life. There used to be a strong dramatic cross-faction Role Play scenarios happening all over the place. Sometimes it led to interactive battles or court hearing or ballroom dances…all of which as gone like the wind. :disappointed_relieved:

And so We/I have been thinking what would it have to take to revive Earthen Ring from her coma?We/I can tell you one thing- it will take an entire realm effort. Not to be mean but ‘I’ am not going to settle for less anymore. The realm is not going to revive itself. And even though there are some guilds still on the realm that still host Role Play events such as a ‘Farmer’s Market’ so to speak-I am sorry but it is still not enough. Sure it brings on events for a pleasant night or two but then when it is done-most role-play falls back into the grim shadows of near-nothingness.

Wretched Souls has been around since 2006-and I as a player have been around since release in 2004. I am an old-timer I Souls would like to start a realm-role play (resurrection) event that goes beyond just a night or two. We/I want it to inspire and encourage role play and help build up material for future self-sustaining events in the future.

Back in the day-anything outside PG13 rated stuff was barked at and quickly put asunder. But this is a new era of Role Play now and it will include all styles. It will support all the different types of Role Play that a person desires.

If someone wants to be evil- his/her style will not be run from the realm. If someone wants to be Light or dark, fast or slow, a person who is all for the lore or even someone who may bend the lore a little to fit their storyline or even folks who maybe simply using Wow as a platform for their own style. It will all work itself out. One of the main reasons the realm died in the first place was because there was too much bullying going on and one by one the birds began to leave the nest- never to return and call Earthen Ring-home. And now because of these bitter backlashes- we are faced with a realm-who much like Azeroth herself needs to be saved.

Wretched Souls would be more than happy to aid anyone in a serious revival party or get together for the sake of Earthen Ring’s new Role Play community. And Wretched Souls who also has a few Alliance characters would be more than happy to duo the event on the blue side to help revive the world. But before I put all of my hopeful eggs into that basket I would like to know what Guilds/Characters would be on board to help conjure up such an activity? I want to be able to create a platform of role play that has such a layout of events that anyone visiting will take the bait and transfer to the realm and/or create a character that logs on often enough. I want the name Earthen Ring to re-enter the ears of other Role Players.

Sure the realm is old and some say that Role Play is just a dying thing or a thing in ER’s past. It doesn’t have to stay dead. I have not been happy for many years with the realm dying out the way it has been and I am in action to attempt to do something about it. I would like to know- both Horde and Alliance- who would like to stand with Wretched Souls and help them conjure up a role-play event that will make a difference? Please let me know? I do this not just for my interest but for the other interest of players who come to Earthen Ring which was one of the first original Role Play realms from creation- they come and want to know where the Role Play is at…who is with us?..

This is not just a topic for the Horde but for the Alliance as well .:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I have been thinking about coming back to this game; Missing RP a lot. Many many years on Twisting Nether and WRA and now, if I come back I will most likely be looking for a new place to call home. What you have said stirs old memories and hearkens back to the days years ago that I enjoyed immensely. I quit about a year ago and the years on WRA did not sit well with me.

i remember when the split happened. one minute there were tons of folks and lots of events and such, the next everything was only half of what it had been, and slowly drained to what it is now.

was never sure just what sparked it. on Alliance i do recall a constant pattern of the RP community revolving around a small set of specific PCs, with everyone else being a bit-player at best, and the core community generally being very closed to ‘fresh blood’ coming in and having time to shine over said group. Mighta just been my view from the bottom up, but i do remember folks just giving up trying to get involved (myself included somewhat).

id be down with makin a hordeside alt to throw into the mix, though my time tends to be more limited nowadays.

My time is not what it use to be either. I use to go to work and come home and very well have about 10-12 hours free to do what I want. But now as times are- I am lucky is I have half that time.

Yes, the community did tend to focus/ circle about a select few. I knew who they were but I will not mention names. I am not even sure they play the game anymore. And you are right, it seemed as if the world was busy one day and the next it was just about a ghost town. :disappointed_relieved:

It is why I am trying now to reignite the Role Play. I know it can be done if we have enough head and hands in the pot to get it started. Back in the day, Wretched Souls was a flourishing guild. We were not huge but we had already about three or four years of build-up role play and background that we really did not need the community for support. We just wanted to share our storyline- which- has a mixture of both good & bad guy role play. But the community got too toxic and I backed out and reclused to the shadows. I watched as a lot of my friends and their Role Play guilds that I had admired for so long just vanished/ transferred to other realms.

We at Wretched Souls support the dark arts of Role Play as well as the light embraced ones. There are some players who want to be the villain and some who want to be the hero. And some who do not necessarily let their storyline revolve around what is happening in the world.

We have recreated the guild Wretched Souls on a few other realms as a way to help expand our storyline. What realm do you currently reside in? And what is your main character’s name? Perhaps I can get in touch with you there and we can discuss things over on how to better the task at hand?

The guild Wretched Souls on Earthen Ring is no longer recruiting but the sister guilds Wretched Souls-are and I figure if anyone who is interested in this project could start touching base it would at least be a good start. :grinning:

To Kinjani: Due to my current lack of time to be able to actually be online and enjoy the game. I want you to know that if you are guildless… I have a guild on WRA-but, not on Twisting Nether. Wretched Souls has a few sister guilds with the same name on WRA, Argent Dawn ( I think)-lol-and Steam Wheedle Cartel.

It is good that we are able to realm hop and join up with other players on different realms now. So it really does not matter where your home realm is. We all can still get together.

I am sorry if I brought up bittersweet memories-believe me, I have some myself and by typing this thread I had to revisit them and make sure that I did not turn this into a mud fling thing. A lot of promises were forged and broken and it is hard to trust now. And I understand this…because I went through it too.

If you are not active right now in the game- what platform of chat do you use? I am on both Steam and Discord and I will try to get a hold of you. :slight_smile:

If you are currently active in-game you can drop a line to Elunå on WRA the alt command for the ‘å’-is 134

Once we make contact I can give you my in-game real ID…I will do the same for 'Velliena"too.

Thank you all for taking the time to read the thread and giving a voice. I really appreciate it. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I would be more than happy to move servers to help resurrect a server, guild, RP… As it is, like the two of you, time is not what it used to be. I think that with an inevitable return, I will focus on just a few characters as opposed to my Alts having alts. The memories, ah… such wondrous time and such dark times. Stories woven and tales made.

Trust is something that one should always earn and to break trust, well, that is what it is and that is a pain all in itself.

I shall have to dig up both my steam and discord, and when I get in game I shall send you a message as well.

Thank you for your reply! :slight_smile:

The Court of Lions RP guild on Alliance side Earthen Ring is still around and relatively active. We have joined up with some others to try and get more community RP going on the realm with mixed success. While I’ve watched the numbers dwindle over the years and have been around for some of the past drama, those that have stuck around intend to make the best of it. ER is small, but generally pretty welcoming and friendly.

The Court of Lions has always endeavored to be open and accepting of brand new Roleplayers and players, since everyone has something not only to learn but to offer. In past times some of these players might have been looked down on or ignored all together, or even berated for trying to Roleplay with new people; I was one of those beginners at one time on Earthen Ring.

But those days are long gone, and the people left are much more open and accepting and want to make Earthen Ring a thriving community. Alliance-side has had co-op between guilds to run raids and achievement runs and PvE. Roleplay guilds have been banding together and reaching out for storylines and general RP.

I would love to see some more co-op for Roleplay, and everything else too. While I don’t really play Hordeside, I do have characters I wouldn’t mind lending to cross-faction Storylines and etc. Though like everyone else, Real Life comes first.

Feel free to reach out to me in-game through whisper or mail, or wave if you see me out in the world. I’d love to see Earthen Ring alive again.


Hi there, so I am a singular soul meandering about the realms and managed to come across Earthen Ring. I was here before some years back, but didn’t stick around, and continued drifting. However, I’m coming back to check the place out and came across your thread. I am also interested in lending a hand to help bring RP back to Earthen Ring if possible and creating a new community. So if you see me running around on my paladin Vinadel, please say hi, by all means, and hopefully we can get some RP going on this realm again. :slight_smile:

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This was the first realm I played on in November 2004. Rp’ed and raided on this realm. Then took a long break, came back and went to WrA. Then another break, and now back. Been playing on WrA, but it’s too damn crowded by to many non rp’ers.

Tell you the truth, I have fond memories of this realm. I doubt my old guild is still around, (Tenakill), but I’m gonna port my new human warrior over here. And start playing.

That’s the way to bring back this realm… play on it. Look for Stlan, chopping enemies of the Alliance to pieces in the field, stop and say hi.

One question, is TRP also used on this realm?

This is 12 days late but yes! I’ve seen MRP or TRP used.

ER is a lovely realm and really the only EST roleplay realm that’s still semi-active with roleplayers. Hopefully the new expansion will kickstart some more activity.

Thanks. I use TRP. I rolled a Death Knight, Piers on the realm.

Looks like someone stated the truth for once. Maybe it is time for me to say my peace

The Templars have been active in walk up roleplay in Boralus. Keep an eye out for us!


Honestly your guild hasn’t changed ignoring the main problems of the server as the infection festered to such a degree that people can not find groups anymore.

Just to let everyone know this guild I have debated with them in the past. They only stick to one zone and keep to themselves.

Just to let everyone know this guild I have debated with them in the past. They only stick to one zone and keep to themselves.

Hey Barantinos! Not sure where the unwarranted hostility is coming from but anyone that knows the Templars of the Rose knows that’s the furthest thing from the truth.

I was responding to Juniper’s comment from earlier in the thread about the new expansion kickstarting activity. The Templars have been actively doing walk up roleplay in Boralus and it was an invitation to her and anyone else that’s interested in doing some unstructured roleplay.

I appreciate you replying but let’s not throw dirt on a guild that focuses on getting the rest of the server involved in community events.


Most of the Roleplayers left on the realm have been very active in trying to help make ER good again. You actually see some walk-up and spontaneous tavern nights, community RP events, and people trying to work together.

The in-fighting and dumpster fire drama of the past is definitely in the past, and there were bad eggs and toxic players everywhere and probably in just about every RP (and otherwise) guild. I know mine had our share. The key word being HAD. Thankfully the people that have stuck around have definitely learned from that, and do not want to see the toxic drama or elitist groups telling others how they can play, or being totally left out and ignored.

Come on out sometime to the RP, I think you might be pleasantly surprised to see how it has changed, and how welcoming (and non-toxic) the community is now.


So where is the active rp right now on the server? I’m still leveling… which is fine sine dungeons and pvp are xrealm. But I would dig rping while I work my way up. Anything in SW or Org at all?

Haven’t spent much time in Stormwind recently so I can’t speak to the roleplay there. There’s been walk up roleplay going on in Boralus though, you’re welcome to get in on that whenever!

Boralus? I assume that’s a city I’ll get to when I get to 120?

Oh, this is Piers… decided to roll a rogue instead of DK.

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Something else… this server is a gatherer dream. All the herbs, ore and fish I want. It’s almost like playing a single player RPG with online elements (like dungeons and pvp).

Also running around in Warmode. Was kind of hoping I’d at least get ganked, being such an easy target. But the only Horde I’ve seen in Warmode just flew by me and waved. :slight_smile:

I might feel different at 120, but for now, I’m loving my time on ER.

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Boralus? I assume that’s a city I’ll get to when I get to 120?

That’s right, though you can get there earlier via Warlock summons or other means.