Reasons NOT to be hyped for SL

  1. Still no flying right at max level.
  2. Locked into covenant choice.
  3. AoE cap.
  4. No ground mounts in a max level zone.

Only good thing I’m seeing is the LONG overdue customization for characters.


Arcane Mage is terrible and Blizz should feel bad…

  1. General Discussion

1.Honestly, not an issue for me. I like pathfinder even though I do think flying should come way sooner.
2.You can change weekly, I understand people’s concern and I’m probably wrong but I prefer it be difficult to change.
3.Yeah, that does not look fun to me. I get the idea behind the change but in the end I just don’t like it.
4.I don’t like the idea of it but am willing to see how the area feels before I make my judgment.

  • no rep tabards
  • no news at all on what this new world quest spin idea is supposed to be
  • no sign of changing the rigidity of the existing gameplay loop / e.g. no signs you won’t have to grind dailies / world quests for progression
  • no base class changes that would produce any real difference in tier 1, ex: destro locks are going to be trash tier again

utility not balanced better for classes in M+.

i dont want to know what the other healers need to get to balance out druid utility, especially brez.


Sometimes GD goes out of its way to be negative it seems.


Uh what? There’s a whole zone where we have to be on foot? Lol


Finally a negative thread about Shadowlands. Way too much positivity around here.



Well, I’m definitely not hyped for General Discussion.

I don’t agree that any of the OP’s complaints is an actual problem. Committing to covenants is fine if Blizzard commits to making all choices good (not mathematically optimal, which is impossible, but good enough to get the job done).

AoE cap will only be an issue if content is designed to force above-cap numbers of mobs on you (that one part of BRH with the constant spawns for example), otherwise it’s a sensible anti-zerging measure.

And point 4 only looks scary until you realize there’s only one zone that works that way. Basically it’s “outdoor” but plays more like an indoor zone, which is no big deal. There are already “indoor” parts of Nazjatar and they’re not bad.

What do you mean “sometimes”? There’s always been like 1% positive threads, 10% silliness and the rest complaints, it’s one of the things that makes forums useless as a measure of actual player opinion.


I thought this had basically been talked about a bit? There will be options where you visit your covenant hub and they send you out to “accomplish stuff” in certain areas (IE- fill up a progression bar) or something like that… Outside of that, I don’t think WQ’s are going anywhere.

One zone that is designed, thematically, for you to get in, cause some trouble, and get out will not allow you to mount. Don’t see what the big deal is. If I’m understanding properly, you’re not going to have to go into the Maw all the time or anything.

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That’s the extent of it, yes.

Boring is a word for it.

Sounds like that one daily in Mechagon where everything counts a little toward it. Just go there, do anything until it finishes. Oh, the horror.

(Also a bit like assaults possibly.)

So, it sounds like your complaint isn’t the above…? Because my point is that there has been news on it. Not sure why you’d expect world quests / dailies to just disappear.

Things to be hyped for:

Hell yeah, Torghast
Hell yeah, some well liked characters return
Hell yeah, some beautiful new zones
Hell yeah, Soul forge sounds amazing
Hell yeah, More Bwonsamdi plot


That’s fine, Pathfinder is a good system, it just needs to give flight in X.1 instead of making us wait for a year.

Indifferent. I can respect what they’re trying to do and be critical of their balancing.

Eh, it was bound to come eventually. M+ is rather dull when it’s all about mass pull after mass pull. For better or for worse, this change is likely a direct response to that.

They’re trying to make the world feel dangerous, especially in the Maw. Sure, it is a more natural time gate than we would like, but I again respect what they’re trying to do. The world doesn’t feel dangerous at all, so I’m plenty interested in trying this for myself.

Probably should change the title to reasons you’re specifically not hyped.

Reminds of wolfenstien young blood. HELL YEAH DUDE!!

meaningless choices are “meaningful”, while meaningful choices are meaningless

and dont tell me this is subjective. its objectively terrible that my meaningful choice is between 4 groups of ppl i met 2-12 hours ago instead of the characters I met 18 years ago.

Was trying to turn a negative doomsayer thread and inject some exciting positivity into it.

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