Rearranging and Removing Portals

I have been passing through Legion Dalaran today doing Pandaland bosses and it is pretty full of people running around and it feels very alive. Many people taking the portals under and in the faction areas. Some people just out in the streets hanging out doing whatever.

Sad that to think that this could turn empty and dead once Tues comes along.


Because Ion only plays one character. So he thinks everyone should also only play one character.

Lol, the people who are against this have said nothing as to why they are against it that makes any sense as well. It’s actually kind of funny to see them try and say something that makes any sense.

I mean I play my alts rarely, but when I do, I don’t want to grind rep on them lol. Or grind items to travel the world.

Demon is my favorite spec for the class.
Cant imagine anyone trying to ruin it for players.
Love it when I get the “Jesus…how many imps do you need?” :joy:

I’ve seen a ton of reasons why removing the ports is a bad idea myself, unless you mean those arguing against keeping them. Now I’m just confused

I believe their support has boiled down to a lot of “ifs” and “maybes”, that and “its no big deal! its just a couple minutes! you’re lazy!”

Except a couple minutes here and there adds up fast. Think about how long load screens can be in your favorite single player game. “It’s just a couple minutes!”

Until you’ve gone through a dozen in the course of an hour of game play.

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I meant the people who are for removing the portals. They have no logical reasons or responses to our arguments when we provide valid and reasonable points. They keep spewing out nonsense like they don’t like the change because people have too many alts that they farm with LOL.

^^ This ^^


Yeah, a couple of minutes for multiple toons over a week, month, and a year is a lot of time added.

Oh yeah I see it, for sure. It’s so obnoxious but eh. Clearly the huge majority had spoken.

Yep…Warning. Language.


Yeah, it’s clear to me, not even just on these forums that people are very annoyed at this change. It’s almost like taking away things that they themselves gave us in game that made it more convenient to do things with is horrible game design.


Ironically the “just plays a single character” bit …

FF14 lets you do just that. You don’t Need multiple toons. Where in WoW because of profession limits, you often do.

You want to be an alchemist, a blacksmith and a miner? FF14 supports that! Yes, it can at times feel weird, but it removes the necessity for alts that many raid teams in WoW are forced to employ.

Sorry, off topic, but a fun thing nonetheless.

Sure we do. You just ignore it because its not what you want.

The smirk on Lore’s face the whole time.

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Yeah, lol! He couldn’t believe someone would EVER say that. :smiley:

And that’s the kind of out of touch development that we need to speak heavily against.


Agreed. We can’t let them just walk over all of us with their nonsense of dictating how we play the game.

Do i want to watch body language again again on them?