Rearranging and Removing Portals

At least it’s a new one. We created the drama. What’s next? :smiley:

so far.
The UI is MUCH better.
The anime takes some getting used to, but I think its going to be at least as fun as WoW.
I will miss my pandas though.

His words are in line with the MVP that said the same thing. That and we’re apparently at fault for the layoffs. True story.

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yeah, ok…give the guy some credit for having an original thought, I guess :grin:
Still a pretty stupid point to try to push.
I created the drama :crazy_face:
how…exactly…when this drama was going on when I got here.

Lol now that’s one I missed as well. Today I learned players cause problems by expressing their voices. That’s ridiculous.


As do I. The problem is that the benefit only lasts so long. They’ve long since lost that. Several expansions ago. They ruined numerous specs that I enjoyed.

Warlords, they removed the fun factor of Arms. I played Prot (using the gladiator stance talent) and it was a far smoother experience than playing Arms.

I’ve played Arms since Cataclysm and I thoroughly enjoyed hte flow of the spec. They ruined it with Warlords. I finally went BACK to Fury this expansion and I’m loving it. Yes, its higher risk, but there is always something to do. I’m always doing something. Arms is a cold dead fish in comparison.

In short, they no longer have the benefit of the doubt. They’ve failed me too many times.


Wish I had a link to that specific post but oof it’s yikes.

omg. What they did to my hunter pet immediately after I paid to boost .
I nearly quit at that point.

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Honestly, I can believe it. No need to prove it to me. I’ve seen some of the MVP posts here and there. They echo everything, except like two in this thread actually what Blizzard says. It’s like they can’t have their own opinion.

I will never forgive them for the ‘We don’t want you playing Demonology’ comment.


Huh. Some MVPs posted on here against what they are doing, though? I’m glad some speak up if that’s the case


Yeah, I believe it was two of them. Then just one other who liked it. I was flabbergasted that two spoke up against it.

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Metro I think.

Yeah, this thread is so incredibly big now I had no idea.

Yeah it is because it seems like almost no one wants this change. :smiley:


you mean hati? That was an out cry about that ,it nearly had me to quite because you don’t take a hunter’s pet.In Eq that was like a death sentence.

you’re playing a video game, an entire genre committed to wasting time anyway.

WOW…they actually said that out loud?

What?! You mean a huge mass of people speaking out against maybe the ten fine with this change don’t mean nothing?

But Spanko, the same trolls over and over keep repeating that everything we say doesn’t matter even though this topic is now on top. And that we’re just like a tiny amount of the playerbase and our voices don’t matter. They must be right… (/s of course haha)

It was a big stink. I don’t recall if it was a dev or a CM that said that. Either way, its not the kind of commentary you want employees saying. That they actively hate certain specs.

Though they certainly do have issues with Elemental Shaman. They launched BfA, having admitted Elemental was in a bad spot but would be “ready to play” by 8.1

Yes, they LAUNCHED a game with one spec in a bad spot, and admitted it was in a bad spot. That’s piss poor quality assurance right there.