Rearranging and Removing Portals

dies laughing

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You were just arguing that it wouldnt change much but now youre going out of your way to say it impacts you. Pick a stance and stick with it.

Youre moving the goal posts. What you consider an undue burden is not the same for everyone.


they take a wide open world created by BETTER game makers they they are today and are RUINING it for most of us.


A $500 dollar vet bill for me may be an undue burden. Bill Gates wouldn’t even notice the bill.


yeah…learn to read…which is why I said THIS OR THAT.
I realize there are a couple camps son.
I also know we all are saying its a crap move to remove the portals.

and no…it ISNT going to affect you. Stop being deceptive to try to fit in here.


Hate to break it to you but the burden of proof is on you. On one side, it’s pretty easy: on Tuesday, there will be fewer portals available to move around then there are today. Another piece of the game removed for “reasons.” The problem is that there is nothing coming from the other side. I mean, if you have info about Blizzard doing this huge, expansive update to the old world to make it more alive, please feel free to share.

As for navigating the world in an “efficient manner:” I’ve been playing for more than 14 years, since day one. I’m pretty darn sure I know exactly how to move around. Once again, you are just another fool parroting trash that is irrelevant to the topic at hand.



Note no one has mentioned the elephant in the room. The massive LAG which will ensue when people are funnelled into one tiny room.

OCE has server lag now.

Wait till this hits.


I’ll just sell my ports for 25k. People can go cry to Blizzard for removing the portals. I will then have enough gold to buy the brutosaur and just sit in the middle of Goldshire and do all my AH stuff without ever going anywhere.

I hope that you get at least one port for 25k. :smiley:

So you’re enjoying FF then? The trolls probably won’t talk about that so we might as well. :woman_shrugging:

Eh, it’s cool if I don’t. Either way, it’s 25k for a port lol.

Have you ever considered that you may be the source of this drama, not the Blizzard developers. I may disagree with them a lot, but I recognize they are trying to do their best. They aren’t evil Snidley Whiplash’s twirling their mustaches thinking about how to destroy players days.

I commented on that, maybe not specifically that room, but I did comment on that. Stormwind and Orgrimar will have heavier lag because of the forced traffic.

This won’t reduce load and balance it out, it will increase the load in specific areas.

A balanced load would be a portal room in every major city. But instead they’re channeling everyone to a single location. Sort of like issues I imagine Ashran faced during Warlords. Too many people directed to one single spot.


Someone did mention that earlier. I feel for the OCE players. :frowning:

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he kills me with this ‘it affects me too’

NB ‘affects’…“I got to CoT once a month…that two extra minutes is no big deal guys”

MY ‘affects’…"I run 30-50 round farming trips PER DAY…that two extra minutes PER TRIP is 60 to 100 minutes PER DAY of MY day WASTED.

all because Activision wants to impress investors with some ‘hours played’ metric that I personally dont give two squats about.
And so i’ll go play FF14 instead and take my sub $$$ with me.


I prefer giving them the benefit of doubt, but when you get such massive negative feedback on an issue, and it’s largely ignored, you start losing sympathy.


yeah…EVEN IF their servers can handle it, there are lots of players posting here who have said time and again that they have older machines that are ALREADY lagging at times.
This stupid move aint going to help them much.

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Idk,it maybe scare those in there like it does so in here.

Try harder next time. This one was pathetic!
They created the drama, son. THEY did and we BOTH know it.
And no…their ‘best’ would be NOT CREATING this mess to begin with that serves NO purpose in making the game better for anyone.