Realm transfers to AR and Anathema tomorrow, Thursday

You don’t have to go to DD to avoid the queues. In fact, if you’re Alliance and you feel the need to transfer, it would be better to go elsewhere, as we already have substantially more Alliance than Horde on DD. DD could still use some Horde - but only if you feel the need to transfer.

What queues? Why do you keep shilling for people to leave the server?


Actually gubbin , the players don’t control server transfers , blizzard does. And when your realm crashes when they remove layering and the game becomes unplayable , you will all scream bloody murder. Even some the “least” populated realms already have way more people then classic realms ever had . So if you like grobb , you should understand why blizzard , has handed out these free server transfers prior to removing layers. It’s good for everyone . And for the RP players stuck on grobb , this is a great chance for them to find a home better suited to their play style

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Seriously stop. You are spamming the forum, and will be reported as such.

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lol, keep telling yourself that buddy and get back to your joke server

I haven’t had a queue for weeks.

I have no problem with Ithiliell letting people who may have just joined Grobb cause they thought it was a PvP server during that brief time where it was one of the smaller queues before other servers started coming up. Those people might genuinely want to go to a pure PvP server. It would be stupid to make them stay here and then get mad if they don’t follow the server rules.

However, Shadowtalon, you’re a friggin moron. You don’t know anything about the roleplay that is going on here. Most of the roleplay guilds stay off this forum other than to post a “we are here” recruitment thread. A story or summary may get posted time to time, but petty much every other night something is happening between the big roleplay guilds on a big scale scale, and on massive scales from time to time that you couldn’t dream of pulling off on DD with just roleplay guilds.

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Imagine being THIS desperate!

Imagine being THIS mad!

Stay on your dead server :slight_smile:

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